Tuesday, May 22, 2012

deco ideas

I'm such a sucker for DIY stuffs, it could be anything, baju ke, deco ke, anything, so now that aqils room is done, just tinggal wall deco and rugs jer, naturally my first instinct is to DIY and where else is the best place to look for inspiration if not at ETSY .. i mean, if they can make it, I'm pretty sure I can make it too (cehh..berlagak giler! T___T)

wall deco 

some ideas to place above his headboard

some other stuff that caught my eyes

so many ideas in my head now. dont know where to start T___T

aisyah samsudin

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Anonymous said...

Kak Aisya,


lagi banyak diy and cratf idea. Seriously!