Monday, April 16, 2012

My 2nd pregnancy wishlist

since this is my second child, i dont really have that long of a wishlist, or even need much coz masa Aqil dulu i think I covered almost everything :)

so this time around, the only things on my wishlist (and I swore to myself that I would ONLY buy) are

Madela Freestyle

Any breastfeeding mommy would have this in their list!!! its easy to use, convenient and saves a lot of time..but its kinda pricey, which explains why I didnt get it masa my first pregnancy - it was like rm1800 ke back then, still expensive now (RM1500 kot the cheapest) but I guess if you're fully breastfeeding, its kinda worth in the long-run :)

Ikea Wardrobe

...for the kids room... :) aqil only have the drawer chest for all his clothes now and mmg dah overflowing...tambah baju adek die..hmm...mmg tak muat k... maka, a new wardrobe is needed for their room..why not the cute kids wardrobe?? because its small and not practical and can only be used till a certain age...unlike this one, can be used sampai bila2... why IKEA? coz i simply love IKEA :) the wardrobe set I'm eyeing is around RM4k++ *pengsan* T____T

A new refrigerator store all those EBM!! hehehe...the current one we have was a gift from my auntie masa kahwin dulu :) but its the one door type, not recommended for storing EBM, first pregnancy dulu I macam blur and taktau much about storing EBM, my stock was always fresh :) harini pam untuk esok, esok pam untuk lusa kinda routine, but this time around cam determine nak buat stok bebanyk insyaAllah, so harus sediakan tempat untuk storage :) brand wise, undecided, any ideas and tips?


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? itu jer dalam my wishlist this time around!! well, we already have the katil, the tilam, the clothes (yes, recycle jer aqil punya bnyk giler) , the sterilizer, the bathtub, the stroller, the baby gym, the socks and mittens....nothing else to buy except of course bende kecik2 like bedung, body wash, minyak telon, bottles and stuff, but itu mcm tak layak masuk wishlist jer,,,hehehe.. :)

and could I forget..  MAYBE...

a new baby bag for mama :)

loving the new Le Pliage Cuir collection!! ni takde pun takpe..but if ade ape salahnya kann.... :) i think in Malaysia the retail price is about RM2-3k, but online pre-order can get RM1300 for the small size and RM1500 for the medium size, tgh suruh my lil bro usha kat UK berapa since my mom is planning to go there in July.. :) the colors and the facts that its leather... droooooolllll... :)

and thats about it :) pendek kan wishlist :)

hope can settle everything before the baby comes..insyaAllah... :)

Aisyah Samsudin


SaRaH SaLiHaH said...

He He He..
wishlist for 2nd Pregnancy..
sgt2 bagus..

aiesya said...

hehehe ;)

takde direct related dengan baby pun...