Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Once hooked..forever addicted!

Remember my Almond Shower Oil that I accidentally purchased and which I fell completely in love with? well, I've been using it quite religiously AND every time I step out of the shower smelling all rich and nice...I would think, "damn, if only I had the body cream and I'll be in heaven!"    

so when I walked passed by L'Occitane at Pyramid last night, I just cant resist the temptation to go inside and take a look at the other products under the Almond range..

I was first hooked on the Almond Milk Concentrate, the big tub looked so luxurious I could immediately imagine myself taking my time applying it on my skin..

but when I asked the SA how long does the smell last, she immediately recommended the Almond Supple Skin Oil , she explained that not only the smell last longer but it has more benefits to it compared to the milk concentrate...I was torned, I love the Milk Concentrate because it was so huge compared to the Oil that looked like I could finish it within a month! but I've heard read great reviews about the Body Oil esp for stretchmarks... but since I was in a rush (meeting my business partners after that) , I instantly relied on the practical side of me - take the one with the most benefits! 

Almond Supple Skin Oil and Almond Soap

I bought the soap to get the free membership, I was like RM18 short, so, rembat jer laa...  and honestly no regrets there! it smells exactly the same like the shower oil!!now I can smell of almond everyday babehh!!

used it immediately yesterday - and fuhhh... words cannot describe how I am loving this product to bits right now.. the SA told me her stretchmarks disappeared in 2 weeks after using this oil! I dont have that much of stretchmarks compared to my 1st pregnancy, but lets see!

3 out of 5 - I will still get the Milk Concentrate one day and also maybe the Almond Tonic Body Oil which the SA told me was highly recommended for post pregnancy ladies.. :) 

there's also tips on massage techniques on the box! cool eh?

I glanced at it once only tho, then, belasah jerrr!!

who already bought the Showel Oil - go get the Skin Oil plak! I promise you its worth every penny!!

Aisyah Samsudin


linziana said...

aIYO macm terujanya nak beli nak nak hal strecth mark ni, i got the feeling to scartch the whole tummy recently.Tapi tahan takut strechmark yang hudoh itu appear lagi.huhuhu

aiesya said...

beli laa - tapi mmg baca review its good for stretchmarks :) the smell is super nice too!