Monday, May 28, 2012

pstt pstt .. did you know...

yes, us girls sure love to gossip! especially when its about other people and especially when we think that if we're included in the gossip circle, we will not be the the subject of gossip...

well sorry to break this to you honey. everybody talks about everybody. You and Me included. No exception. 

alaa...come on..dont get offended, I know you gossip too...and so do I... c'est it about something good or bad.. we gossip...we just couldnt help it... its fun! haha..ok laa...not always fun...but its a thing we girls do..

BUT. do you know, that by gossiping about other people. it could affects our lives too?

ok laa...dosa tu of course laaa..and also if the person you were bad-talking about got to know you were talking behind her back - mmg boleh jadi perang dunia ke-3

but I'm not talking about that part, I'm talking about how it affects you indirectly.

contoh eh,

a colleague of yours, who was super sexy before, started to wear hijab, and bukan setakat hijab biasa, but tros pakai tudung labuh.

thats a good thing right?

tapi, biasalaa..for reasons I dont understand why, ade jugak org yg nak kutuk.

so you're having lunch with your colleagues, ade org start bukak cerita, "eh, ko tgk si polan tu trus pakai tudung labuh..pastu nak bagi2 ceramah..elehh...bagi aku laa kan...baik start sket2..jgn drastik sgt..ntah2 sekejap jer die mcm tu...baik jadi biasa2...bla bla bla bla bla..."

yg jenis otak bebal mcm yg dok bad-talk ni would agree  ... "betul2..aku pun rasa mcm tu.."

for those yg jenis yg dont care what other people say about them , maybe would defend the girl..

but for most, sbb yelaa...kawan2 nak p lunch itu jer laa....yg jenis kesah ape org cakap psal diorang..would senyap...walaupun diorang tak agree dengan statement tu...

this will most likely affect the 3rd group - kata laa...die pun ade niat nak pakai tudung labuh jugak could actually batalkan niat die coz, itulaa..takut people bad-talk like that about her - walaupun pakai tudung labuh tu menutup aurat = sgt2 bagus...kannn...

you think things like this doesnt happen...but it actually does.....berapa ramai dari kita, yg batalkan niat kita buat something yg baik sbb kita dengar kawan kita cakap buruk psal org lain yg buat bende baik tu?

I believe, mesti ade, walaupun bende tu kecik jer....

we dont know, what is the bigger picture if we buat bende baik tu...amek contoh tudung labuh tu, if kita start pakai, yes, maybe ade yg kutuk, but ALSO, maybe ade yg inspired dengan kita and rasa nak start pakai tudung labuh jugak and trus start pakai.... isnt that a good thing? 

but if kita layankan sgt org2 yg suka dok bercakap ni - and TAKUT sangat dengan org2 ni --->> kawan kita yg kita boleh inspire tu, yg alih2 ikut kita ke arah kebaikan tu, takkan inspired... then...

what I want to say here is that, if people start to gossip..walk away... laa..klu gossip psal artis ape salahnya kann...

I'm just saying --->> If you have niat nak buat bende baik, and you yourself dah buat the pro and cons sendiri, just do it, dont let the fear of people talking behind your back affects your decision to do that good thing :)

aisyah samsudin


Ana Saphar said...

I like this post so much! Agreed with ur statement.

aiesya said...

thanks Ana :)