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Knowledge is POWER!

If any of you are in my friend list in my FB page, or following me on Instagram (username is aisyahsamsudin btw) , you must know that I've attended a seminar yesterday at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa..

it was a Green Leader Group Diamond Seminar organized and handled by our CDMs in the Green Leader Group (GLG).. :) what is GLG? its our group under CDM Hanis Haizi, one of the top 10 CDM in Malaysia despite her only being a CDM for only 2 years now....that shows how good she is in the business and we are lucky to be under her group - klu nak list down her achievements mmg tak tertulis kat sini..mmg panjang menjela.. but her latest achievement - She's bringing 1++ flight with her to Guangzhou!! thats around 100-150 people!! under her wings!! crazy hebat tak? so want to be in this bisnes? chose the right group! and we are definitely the right one!

anyways, I am extremely proud of myself for attending this seminar despite all the temptation thrown my way - first it was hubs company "Away Day" at PD last weekend - family included - they stayed at a 5 start hotel - 3 DAYS! hubs dok msg and puji how wonderful the meals are there (cissss!!) and the facilities too.. before the trip banyak kali hubs tanya - nak join tak - nak pergi tak - ikut hati mmg laa nak pergi - free family holiday maa... 5 star hotel - BUT I had my own responsibilities to attend to - knowledge to learn - so dengan berat hati - everytime hubs tanya I said, "yes abg, I am sure I dont want to follow" - fuhh..cabaran pertama ditepis

then, of course when hubs went that friday, I was all, rindu-I-want-to-be-with-you-this-weekend everytime hubs called, my mom plak decided to go to Penang for jalan jalan cari makan (yes- she's out of her cast and enjoying her new sweet freedom!) .. impromptu okehh.... pergi plak dengan my supposed to be babysitter for Sunday - the seminar day - adoiiiyaiii...dah pening mana nak cari babysitter nak jaga aqil the whole day (seminar was from 8am to 11pm!!!) ... mom and cousin of course cakap diorang nak bawak Aqil... hubby plak  message cakap... "takyah laa g seminar, ikut jer mak.." .. and I almost fell for that! seriously, the thought leaving left behind...alone...mcm sedih (ayah was in Kuantan for work, lil sis followed mom)..tapi gagahkan diri juga..oklaa...aqil ikot mak, so tinggal sendiri...

told hubs my decision - and i guess out of concern and worried and kesian kat bini sorang2 kat rumah kot, he texted  "penting sangat ke seminar tu?"

i was like duh..thats like you want a new designer bag?


lets enjoy the pictures before I go into any details about the seminar.. :)

100 of Diamonds :)

free flow of coffee ... o_O very bad for pregnant mamas!!

my first cup of the day :)

DDM Lily giving her testimoni - truly inspiring - will make a special entry about it later!

with the one I adore!

the diamonds :)

DDM Dewi - used to be pharmacist kat UK, took off-time for a while but decided to focus on business and doing awesomely great in it!! 

of course my Sifu and Mentor in the business - CDM Salha

LBNL - the bestfriend!

I can't actually share all the details we learned in the seminar - coz of course its top secret stuff!!! PLUS even if I told you, you wouldnt understand sbb ur not the bisnes pun kan..heeeee :) 

but here's a few general points I got in the seminar that I think is ok to share also I really2 want to share..

To be somewhere in life, YOU MUST WANT IT YOURSELF .. sure others could motivate you and inspire you, but if you yourself dont want it real bad and do nothing to get what you want..then, you wont go anywhere or achieve anything, how much other people push u or help you..

SELF CONFIDENCE IS NURTURED - honestly, it doesnt comes naturally for most people, me for example...I have the stage fright syndrome since I was a kid! but hey, practice makes perfect right? The more you practice..the more you get better..the more you will gain that confidence - if you do nothing - that confidence will never come on its own!

YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO (ATLEAST) TRY TO POSITIVE-kan ALL that NEGATIVE VIBES - like for instance - Hanis when she first started this bisnes, her husband was sOooOooo negative, siap cakap..dahlaa..tak payah laa buat bisnes dah - but she turned her husbands negative comments into a positive challenge - and look where she is now (also look where her husband CDM Raz is now!! hehe...)

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!! every minute that pass, every day that goes by, we cannot get it back..we cant turn back time no?... if we didnt use the time that Allah has given us so preciously, then that time is lost - we cannot wake up one day - in a mess - praying for time to turn back so we undo what we did wrong the first time - right - doesnt work that way - USE the time given to us wisely! and as to the max we can - coz we never know when we'll get sick, or die ?

WE MUST HAVE A PLAN IN LIFE - not having a plan is like running in one place - not knowing where to go, we still get tired but tired for what? nothing? what a waste of energy right? 

A DETAILED ACTION PLAN and how to execute it - I'd give an example yg tak related to bisnes k, contoh, anak2 kita, let say, we plan for them to go study abroad, meaning dari kecik we need to start sending them to a good school from the beginning, tadika/montessori/smart reader - which one? how much will it cost?initial cost? fee per semester? per year? where are we going to find funding for that? start a savings ac for him when he's born? how much do u put aside every month? or get him an education fund thru one of the many plans offered today? - if we dont plan all these from the beginning, you think it'll be easy for you to send him/her to a rm500 a month school when the time comes? nope! then you will start giving all the excuses like - "alaa aku dulu ok jer p tadika abim..boleh jer jadi accountant" sorry people - but the world have changed...we are not where we used to be esp education wise..

BE DISCIPLINED IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! - remember how we forced ourselves to study masa sekolah/uni dulu to get good grades - that is how we need to force ourselves today - be it business wise, or savings, or anything - but of course in the seminar, Hanis talked about the business part - be disciplined in the business is what made her successful today - treat this bisnes like you treat your work - coz honestly - income dari bisnes ni lagi bnyak dari gaji yg dapat dr company kita kerja tu - so kene disiplin to get 5-6 figure income!

NEVER EVER THINK YOU HAVE ENOUGH - always be like a glass half empty - ALWAYS SPACE FOR SELF IMPROVEMENT! if you ever think.. hmm aku dah ade semua - then you will always be where you are now...bukan maksud tak bersyukur k...bersyukur..BUT sentiasa berusaha ke arah yg lebih baik :)

IF WE WANT TO KNOW WHERE WE WILL BE IN OUR WORK - LOOK AT OUR SENIORS IN THE OFFICE !! if you have seniors who always complaint and say "tak sabarnyaaa nak pencen" then most likely, you would be like that 15 years down the road - coz logically pun, kita fikir, how many % jer quota untuk managers, or CFO or those top top spots in the company? NOT EVERYONE yg bekerja can be a manager...kerja lama mana pun - maybe 10% of the the people around you yg ade chance nak jadi manager - and ask urself, are you cut to be in that 10% ??  TAPI - the beauty of this bisnes - EVERYONE can be a CDM - takde quota - you work for it , you'll get it! and honestly, income bisnes ni klu dah CDM lagi besar kot dari CFO mana2 company - we have a walking proof for that!

ORANG TAK SUKA TENGOK KITA NAIK, TAPI ORANG SANGAT SUKA TENGOK KITA JATUH!! even those who are close to you!! so never give them a reason to say "I told you so"

sure, some of these points, kita dah biasa dengar, or some may say, alaaa..remeh jer points2 ni...aku pun tau - BUT JUST KNOWING WITHOUT TRULY UNDERSTANDING is not we are all human beings, we tend to forget - going to seminars like these keeps us motivated, keeps us chasing our dreams..

some might say, alaaa...leceh jer nak p seminar - motivate diri sendiri sudah - truthfully - keeping yourself motivated is NOT AS EASY as it sounds... some people actually pay thousands to attend seminars... tgk jer  Dr Azizan punya talk, sampai rm700 ..tapi org ramai attend, why? coz these are people who understands this point and have a bigger purpose in life...

anyways, dah panjang menjela ni :) I hope I hurt no feelings today :) 

I truly truly enjoyed the seminar and I feel more refreshed than ever!! I am so inspired right now and I even feel that I can conquer the world!! hahaha...

Open your heart and mind and let yourself be inspired! honestly, its such a wonderful feeling :)

aisyah samsudin

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