Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cotton On Kids Sales!!

yesterday while waiting for my business partners to arrive, TERlalu Cotton On Kids (Sunway pyramid) , and I saw such a wonderful sight!

Cotton On Kids SALESS!!!

boys tshirt 2 for RM50!! original price RM49 per piece!

ni lg melampau murah - RM19 per piece!

I really love the colorful skinny jeans but thought twice before nak rembat untuk Aqil - dont think hubs would agree with these! haha... almost got aqil the mint green one tho! 2-3 kali amek letak amek letak! lol~

Not sure when the sale ends..but if you're looking for new outfits for your kids, I definitely recommend cotton on kids nyer baju! my true favorite! the prices also not bad :)

*mcm nak drag hubby p sana esok malam!

aisyah samsudin

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