Monday, May 28, 2012

Tutorial : Shawl 3 color :)

hello loves!! (gedik!)

anyways, after post this entry about the shawls dat I diy-ed, ramai yg comment kat fb nak tutorial, both how to make the shawl, and also how to wear it :) so here it is :) hope you'll enjoy this entry as much I enjoyed making it!! :) heee :)

gambar intro dulu, me n my kid :)

so, as usual, we start of drafting the measurements for the shawl, can remember how long it'll turn out (and so lazy to go ukur now) - but its long enough I promise!

then we chose the color we want to use for the shawl, for this one I chose light turquoise , light purple and light green 

I bought the fabrics from Kamdar for RM6.90 (ke RM6.80 ntah?) per meter - now got 10% off!!
you only need 1 meter for each color (actually tak sampai pun, but u have to buy 1 meter nonetheless, takleh beli kurang dr 1 meter T__T) 

we then cantumkan all the 3 pieces together, according to the susunan you want laa..this one jahit lurus jer 1/8 inch seam

then you press and turn the one you sew tadi inside

and topstitch 1/8 inch seam jugak

nnti jadi something like this kat bahagian cantuman tu, I seriesly dont know what this kind of teknik is called..tapi sama mcm teknik jahit kain batik tu laa.. ;) 

you can also easily pakai mesin jahit tepi , but since I only have benang kale putih jer, so nnti nampak tak cantik..tu yg guna teknik ni tuh... 

this will be the inside part of your shawl

now jahit tepi - ramai giler org tanya I buat cara mcm mana..actually there are a few ways

1- you can use the tapak kaki gulung - which i have absolutely no idea how to use and too lazy to learn n practise

or u can do it the hard way, lipat super kecik (try tgk shawl chiffon yg dah sedia ada tu, mcm mana kecik kelim tepi tu...haaa...mcm tu laaa kene buat!!) and jahit lurus

part ni jer perlukan kesabaran yg tinggi (or at least for me!)

tadaaa...siap jahit tepi tudung - camni laa rupanya!!! :)

lepas tu silaa laa kemas kan and gunting lebih2an benang yg ade so that tak nampak sgt laa homemade nyer :)



ok, now for the tutorial on how to wear the shawl, dah buat penat2, harussslaaa balaj camne nak pakai kan.. but this is my way..klu korang ade idea lain - boleh jer - nak share sini camne korang pakai pun boleh, just drop a comment nehhh and give ur link - boleh aisyah usha2.. :)

ok...kelam kelibut coz I was such in a hurry...kenapa nak buat jugak video sebelum keluar? sbb streamyx lembab giler nak upload video kat youtube, so aisyah upload sebelum keluar tadi so that balik boleh terus buat blog post! heeee :) klu nak tunggu mmg hati membara jerr tgk betapa slownyaaaaaaaa uploading! I want Unifi!!!!!!

ade a few parts I dont know why I didnt finish the sentence.. but whatevalaa kann.... korang fahammm kannnn... :)

so here's the picture after the first video I made on saturday - the one yg tak jadi tuu... :) hehe...

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorialssss!!

ps: future London and Paris shopping buddies??  text me 0192710102!!!! or email at serious people only please! coz I'm dead serious about going there!! :)

offer till September 2012!!

aisyah samsudin


Misz @remoi said...

i hope!! i hope!! cute la..nk try nnt ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks aisya sudi buat tutor ni...May God bless u

aiesya said...

hahaha..bila kelam kabut itu laa jadinya :)

sila sila try yer :)

you're welcome dear :) may Allah bless you too :)

Sheila said...

Aisyah.xnmpk n xbrape nk paham sgt tutorial ni.especially part cantum cantum tu.leh letak pic overall x?

aiesya said...

yg 3 piece tu cantum kat 62cm tu, mula2 jahit a + b1 together kat 62cm tu, then jahit b2 plak kat piece tu

takde amek gambar aritu..

azlina majid said...

Aisyah guna material apa eh?

aiesya said...

chiffon dear :)

Sheila said...

Ko buat aku berkobar kobar nk.menjahit balik. . . .huhuhuhu.

aiesya said...

sila sila buat :)

ADIK said...

Ty tgk McM senang tapi McM pelik 89cm length Nya ke lebar?and 46 cm pat ni I blur cikit heheh btw cantik u pakai tudung yg u jahit hehe

aiesya said...

89 and 46 ni semua length ,

62 is the lebar, cantum kain kat lebar :)

thanks dear :)