Saturday, May 5, 2012

the DIY in me :)

i'm still in my in laws.. :) love the suasana kampung..waking up to the cold air, taking super cold shower in the morning, the nasi lemak, the black kampung coffee (not good for the pregnancy..i know i know..)

aqil has been enjoyong himself,as usual..playing with his cousins sampai tgh malam..and refused to sleep the whole day..sampaikan ke malam mengigau and menangis2 terjaga tido i guess coz he was sooo tired...

hubs of course had a chance to balas dendam tido and lepak and do nothing else :p - oklaa he did tgkkan aqil main kat luar..

and mama..oh the mama...u think balik kg can save money and no shopping...think again! esp when Johor Premium Outlet is only 15 minutes away from the PIL!! grrrrr...a HUGE hole in my wallet im telling you..

but then,this post is not abt me wanting to show off what i bought - i'll do that in another post haha..

this post is to show what i did with one of the items i bought at jpo..check out the picture first!

(i hope the picture appears here coz im using this blogaway app and i seriously dont know how to use it!)

anyways - i saw this keychain at fosil that i adoreddd becoz of its simplicity.. and it was a huge plus coz it had a 50% tag on it! (whoopiee!!) - just had to get it..!!

then i found these 2 vintage pendants from australia at a bundle shop which only cost me rm5!

put the 3 side by side and it matched!! rummage thru my FIL tool box (slumber jerrr..he doesnt know! lol) and voila!!



nak puji diri sendiri rasa tapi cam rasa malu plak..HAHAHAHA..gelakk setan..

going to have my breakfast now ;) have a great sunday peeps ;)


aisyah samsudin

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Cik Suriz said...

ptutlah dengar aqil nangis2 malam td waktu tgh on call. suh pakucu die g pujuk tanak.. die kata ngigau... sian..