Friday, May 25, 2012

color blocking :)

singgah radiusite the other day after jumpa fae, sajer nak usha their latest shawl I saw online the day before, the paddlepop series... fell in love with it instantly and got myself 2 pieces tanpa disangka :) 

pictures credit to radiusite (obviously!)


balik rumah when I tried it on, mmg lagi jatuh cinta, the bright colors, the soft material, and how easy it was to wear it...trus bukak website nak order lagi - guess what - OUT OF STOCK!!! :(

ahh..sedih giler!! 

instantly rasa nak buat sendiri (yerrr..saya bukan seorang yg penyabar nak tunggu the next batch) but shawl ni bentuk almost-semi-circle...and seriously..I am not that good a sewer (or even a patience one for that matter) to actually sew the curved side so cam hmm...

then I remembered their Fedora Shawl , which I also super love but masa pergi kedai tu tak terbeli and bila balik rumah menyesal nak pergi beli balik ofcourse dah habis T__T (fuhhh!!) 

but the good thing is bentuk fedora shawl ni mcm shawl biasa, just diorang curve kan the end (like their other shawls, i remembered how it looked like, and minus the curve, it was so easy to make!

semalam sempat singgah kamdar kejap, bought the materials, beli yg murah dulu konon nak test tapi sbb tak tahan sgt tgk all the colors, maka

terhasil laa 4 helai - I am not really happy with the material (tak selembut radiusite punya) but hey, it turned out to be ok so alhamdulillah :) hehehe...

I might go out and find more materials after this - color combo ape yg best ek??

ps: please let me know if you want the tutorial for this :) - but I am definitely not going to amek any tempahan k :) jahit 4 helai pun macam nak patah pinggang! :)

aisyah samsudin


Anonymous said...

chanteekkknyaaa!! mau tutorial pleasseee!! :))

Anonymous said...

a`ah..comel... bt tutorial yer..hihi..

Anonymous said...

Kak Aisya!

I also want the tutorial. Especially nak jahit tepi tu.

Thank you in advance. :)

Once SSPians, forever SSPians. :p

Anonymous said...

tutorial plssss...blh tahu harga utk kain2 nih..tenkius aisya