Saturday, May 26, 2012

organize my bathroom please!

when we I decided to re-organize my house (yes, everything yg tak guna dah masuk stor bagi nampak luas, lapang and bersih) before the baby comes, it included my bathroom.. I thought, dah alang2 nak kemas, biar semua nampak kemas, the whole house, not only Aqil's room and the living room ajer, so I dragged hubs to Ikea, and got the unit I've been eyeing for suchh a longg time... 2 1/2 years to be exact!! lama tak?? the thing  only cost RM159 jer pun, but I dont know why we I never really bought it until a few weeks back..hmm...

anyways, balik rumah punya excited, yelaaa...punya laa lama nak bende ni baru belikan... (almost everytime p ikea mesti usha tgk ade lagi ker tak..)...hubs plak masa tu sebok nak kemas dapur - I actually pasang the thing (seriously, I dont know what to call it?) myself!!! *bangga jap* - padahal senang jer kannn... I placed it right beside the sink for easy access to the stuff I was going to pun on it, plus, tempat tu jer tak kene air sbb jauh dari shower - and started to put all MY stuff there (notice the MY) coz turns out, brg hubby only berus gigi jer...owh..n his perfume!! hehehe... his shaver mmg bubuh dalam the mirror cabinet above the sink so yeay more space for me...!!

sajer nak tunjuk what's on my new toilet rak? shelving unit? *whatever*

the red boxes are not included, those are separate... rm35/box

top shelf - where I burn my essential oils + candles

middle upper shelf - cotton buds, face cotton pads, toothpick , *ehem*

middle low shelf - perfumes!
 (not a huge fan of perfumes so mmg ini jerlaa collection yg ade, and mostly cap dah hilang sbb lama sgt pakai dah bawak sini sana sampai tak tau kemana perginya)

lower shelf - all mine! seriously!

toothbrush - toothpaste - makeup remover - shampoo - conditioner - serum - body scrub - body wash - shower oil - facial wash - body mist - contact lenses - hygiene wash - face cream - brush cleanser  

the upper box - clean towels

the lower box - cleaning supplies 

- no more letak atas lantai bersepah2 sini sana nampak huduh nak aqil nyer ball yg disorokkan oleh mamanya sbb tak larat asal dalam shower nak main ball - bahaya!

sekian. hehe... i'll share my makeup space plak lepas ni :)

aisyah samsudin

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