Sunday, May 20, 2012

lets pamper ourselves everyday :)

I had the urge to do something with my hair the other day, teringin nak color ke, nak straighten or perm or anything, but being pregnant, its not advisable to use too much ingatkan ok laa...p laa gunting and blow ke hape (but sampai saloon jer rasa cam rugi plak coz after blow nak kene sarung tudung balik kan...) so jalan2..masuk L'Occitane..

and jumpa ni!! OMG!!! it has the nicest smell everr!!! I bought these both two first...after using it for a few days....I just had to get my hands on the pergilaa beli ni..

Now I have all 3 rasa nak shampoo rambut everyday!! T___T

and everytime lepas shampoo - cant stop smelling my hair!! hubs pun tgk pelik jerrr bini die dok cium2 rambut! lol!

pastu usha2 barang lain....terjatuh cinta plak dengan this Shower Oil! I swear its like going to a spa after shower dengan ni... heeee :)

so now everytime stress - all I need to do is have a hot shower in my own home and I'm stressed free (or at least till aqil starts his next tantrum!)

** it may be a little hard on the wallet - but I assure you its totally worth buying!! tak salah treat ourselves once in a while kannn... :)

aisyah samsudin


Anonymous said...

price berapa dear? u tau tak, i slalu ter influence pas baca blog u. LOL. dlu terjebak dgn sephora.. hahahahahahaa..

aiesya said...

huhu..terjebak bende baik takpe :) hahaha... harga? for the shampoo and conditioner rm79 each , the serum rm111 , shower oil rm95 :) worth buying laa dear :) i addicted giler sampai rasa nak shampoo everyday :)