Monday, May 28, 2012

RM5 makeup organizer I LOVE!

I cant reallly say I'm a makeup junkie coz I dont really have that much of makeup collection - but I do love makeups and I do have issues in storing them before..mmg klu letak atas dressing table tu serabut jer tengok.. BUT, after buying aqil his new wardrobe, I got to store all my makeup in his former chest drawer yg mmg ade in my our room pun! the issue was how to store it, takkan nak campak2 jer kan....then masa beli wardrobe aqil kat Ikea tu, I found this compartment thingy to put in the drawer and its just purrfect for all my makeupsss..

and it ONLY COST RM5 per piece!!! wooohoooo!!! punya tamak beli 6 tros okehh!!

balik2 trus organize my new makeup drawer..and voilaa....

can fit 3 pieces inside the drawer! 

compact n loose powders - both from Chanel (tak sabar nak tunggu habis and beli MUFE plak!)

single eyeshadows - dulu2 beli elianto jer (yg sederet kat atas tu) , now dah berjinak2 dengan MAC :) all the black ones kat bawah itu :)

eyeshadow palletes - ade MAC, Stila, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Elizabeth Arden

Loose ES - In2it (sajer try masa tu tgh sales rm5 jer kot satu)

Misc - tweezers, sharpener, gunting, vicks

faoundation n makeup base - MUFE (my fav!!), MAC , Chanel primer, Soap&Glory moisturizer, Elite primer

Lip Products - not a lip junkie, so biasa beli yg normal jer, got 1 chanel, Sugar, lip balm, Etude house lip stain, and a few silky girl lipstick 

Blushers - MAC, Etude House, Elianto

Liners and Mascara - campur2 lip liner, brow liner, eyeliner, kajal - my fav eyeliner Silkygirl!

Fake lashes - strictly for events only!

yg ni just brooches and bende2 lain... 

see, takde laa banyak sangat but i think its enough (tho everytime masuk MAC skrg gatallll jer tangan nak membeli T___T) brushes letak on the drawer chest - tapi lupa nak amek gambar - most of my brushes are from Coastal Scents, ade MAC 1 jer, tgh slowly kumpul sbb brushes MAC mahal nak mampus...tapi sgt best! haha..alasan! 

the downside? tempat letak makeup tu cam lighting tak berapa nak OK plus sbb chest drawer kan so takleh nak duduk - tak larat nak berdiri - so everytime nak makeup - terpaksa angkut naik katil mengadap tingkap so lighting nyer cantik boleh bersila and take my own sweet time masa makeup :)

how do you organize your makeup? share laa!! mana tau boleh curik idea?!! heee... leave ur link kat comment k!

aisyah samsudin


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i wish here at kk got Ikea... T__T