Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paris here I come!

yesterday sesi personal touch and setting target with my business partners, one target for their SHOPPING MONEY untuk ke Guangzhou nanti - yes!! both of them going to Guangzhou this July!! *jelesssnyaaa* I want to shop also!!! korang tak beli brg yg aku pesan siap!! haha ~~ masing2 dah target nak bawak atleast rm3k sorang - ok laa kan? Guangzhou suppose to be cheap cheap stuff kan..

but the best part malam tadi was setting their strategy untuk ke Paris + London!!

bila sebut psal Paris sebelum ni, I was excited jer..yelaa Paris..kota Cinta... but bila dok sembang ngn my business partners about it, baru rasa macam...WOW...PARIS!!!

I mean, of course every girl would dream going there - or at least I do - mmg teringin - but it always have been a dream only - berangan2 jer - NEVER before imagined that I could actually go! I always thought it was somewhere impossible for me to go... yelaaa..ticket pergi balik jer dah rm10k...habis accomodation lagi, makan lagi, nak jalan2 lagi, pastu takkan nak p sorang kan...atleast kene spend like RM50k for a whattt?? boleh beli kereta kot dengan RM50k tu.... or like..baik p umrah dah boleh bawak 10 org..Paris was like wayyyyy of my list of things possible..

until yesterday, bila bersembang - it just hit me...OH MY GOD... I actually do have a chance going to Paris and to top it off, Free Of Charge! I just need to work hard for it!! and we're not talking about 10-20 tahun punya kerja okeh - only 4-5 month punya hardwork - can take me to Paris - with my friends and more importantly - with MY HUSBAND!!!!

one word - WOW!!!

terus rasa bersyukur dengan Allah sbb opened my heart to accept this business in the first place... I'm not saying this because of Paris jer, come to think about it - even Hong Kong and Vietnam pun - if I didnt joined this bisnes, rasanya tak pergi kot tempat2 tuh, altho klu kumpul duit mmg boleh pergi sendiri, but me being me, I believe, I would do something else dengan duit tu rather than spend it on holiday - mmg jalan2 tu best - but I mean spending on tickets, and accommodation semua - bila balik - yg ade just memories and my bank account almost empty! for me, mcm tak berbaloi - eventho my family mmg selesa, but after kahwin, my hubs, aqil and me are my family..and kitorang mmg tak langsung dikategori senang or selesa lagi...we are still building up our family...

so spending thousands on holidays - not a priority - walaupun mmg teringin - heh - jgnkan ribu, nak p redang yg ratus2 tu pun pk bnyk2 kali ~~

BUT NOW ~~ thinking of the possibility nak pergi Paris makes me so excited and thrilled sampai termasuk2 mimpi... 

La Tour Eiffel - one of the first words I learned masa amek french language kat sekolah dulu :)

Louvre Museum - I am not into paintings, but the thought of being so close to the REAL Mona Lisa painting gives me the chills..

Galeries LaFayette - I read this is one of the must go to shopping destinations in the world - ckp jer brand ape, semua ada....adoi - my heart is beating really fast already!

and of course - Paris Disneyland!! I think I'm most excited nak pergi sini kot - cant wait to go on the rides!!

have you ever dream about going to Paris like me but never ever thought you could live that dream? well dear, why leave it as a dream when you could actually go? seriously, I'm not kidding you, not only you could have your dream vacation - but good money comes with it too-and great company (hehe..saya laa orgnya tu! haha..perasan!)  all you have to do is text me (0192710102) or email me ( and I will definitely show you how :)

aisyah samsudin


nurhazDV said... me cry..kota cinta..then cinta tu hilang dah... but..terkilan xdpt masuk museum..and lafayette tak sangke cantik plak siang hari luck kak aisyah!

aiesya said...

owh untungnya kamu dah pergi! cannot wait to go next year!! jom laa skali !!!

nurhazDV said...

next year xdpt kot...hehe..kumpul wet gi hunymoon sekali la pas kawin kan....