Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bring the spa back home!

being 7 month pregnant, buat kerja sket pun dah penat, apetah lagi if you're out from 11am till 930 pm, then balik masak lagi and lipat baju and tidokan the 2-year old yg mcm2 kerenah skrg ni..the ache is almost unbearable! hehehe..no laa...exaggeration jer tuh...but seriously, mmg badan sakit n penat tak terkata T__T

so what I did last night after tidokan that little munchkin of mine.. I treated myself a longgggg hot shower.. but before that I turned the lights off..

burned my all time favorite essential oils from Culpeper

just incase you're wondering, its the combination of Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender - 3 drops each and the scent is to die for! hehe.. its suppose to calm you down and make you relax :)

and I took my time under the hot shower using my newly-found-love products from L'Occitane

after that shower I was so fresh and relaxed - I even managed to stay up a little while longer teman mr hubs siapkan kerja die :)

*then this morning bangun amek measurements kat shower - 7'x4' - agak2 muat tak klu nak install bath tub???? hahahaha...berangannn!!!*

aisyah samsudin


Anonymous said...

nice black rack you got there.. may i know where you bought it ;)

aiesya said...

got it from IKea dear :)