Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SCUD vs Alumni

last 2 weeks, the alumni organized a friendly match with the SCUDs..sajer jer to help them prepare for PPM (or i heard its called something else now?) .. I was so excited to join the cheerleading team - obviously coz perut dah sama size bola basketball itu.. hee... but hubs already planned for us to balik kampung (ade majlis sket balik tu) so melepaslaa... :( and bila tgk gambar kat the SCUD group --- jeless!!! i so wish i was there!!!!

jom laa layan gambar baru besttkann!!

jump ball!! SCUD in blue, Alumni in yellow

hebat gak alumni main!! :)



curik gambar keme - ngan mr Kan.. he's been coaching there for ??? years already? i dunno? but he's definitely the best - dont know if he's coaching KL team lagi?

tengok2 gambar ni really makes me rindu zaman sekolah dulu..basketball time were always the best ever!! 

jump ball :)

Farisian open

PPM 2000

MSSKL 2000

once a SCUD..always a SCUD 

(biarpun dah tak reti main dahhhh)


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