Tuesday, May 22, 2012

cleaning out his closet :)

In my second pregnancy wishlist that I've blogged before, one of it was getting aqil a new wardrobe.. I can now cross that one off my list, coz we already bought and awesomely pasang sendiri the wardrobe ourselves last week :) 

I didnt get the one I dreamed off coz hubs said it was too excessive, but non the less I still got something I really liked (and so did hubs!) - and apparently Aqil loves it too!!

see his smile! tak habis habis "aqilnyer..aqilnyer.."

of course we got it from Ikea coz I'm such an Ikea freak!  plus it was cheaper than any other that we saw (this total combination was about RM1k) 

now that aqil has his own wardrobe, I started to sort out all his clothes - and guess what! all the boxes on the 3rd shelves tu are half empty! ( 1 box each for sleep wear, tshirts and pants) - most of his clothes cant fit anymore! aiyarrkk... 

but of course I'm happy that it gives me more reason to go shopping!! yeayy!! been googling tgk2 baju from zara kids...ahh...sukanya!!

loving the stripes and buttoned up tees :)

wonder what hubs will say if i bought the blue skinny for aqil?


wished they had these in aqil's size!!

I know there's a zara kids section in OU branch, kan? or could I be mistaken? hmm... wonder if they have all these in aqils size? wonder if they have these at all in Malaysia? hmm... *mentally re-arranging my schedule so I can run to OU and check out the branch there!*

aisyah samsudin

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