Thursday, March 31, 2011


Alhamdulillah.....berakhir sudah fight ke Hong Kong....last night was crazy..and a very emotional night but all went well...alhamdulillah...dah kata anak buat CDM Kamikaze kan.... I am so happy to qualify Hong Kong (altho last night it was more fighting for my new business partner bonus and not mine...but it felt good all the same..) 

This business makes me think that nothing is impossible..

This business introduced me to a group of people that I can now call my really good friends..

This business lets me spend more time with my lil one..

This business makes me think positive...all the time...

This business gave me income more than I could ever imagine..

This business gives me the opportunity to provide better for my family..

This business makes me happy... :) 

me n iffa, stress mode..

happy mode after selesai semua.. 11.30pm

Thank you CDM Kamikaze ku, Salha, for guiding me and always cheering for me...

Thank you CDM Hanis, for all the kata2 semangat and ideas for the business...

Thank you Iffa, for being my friend in this business (and for driving last night..heeee.....) last night was our first fighter moment together... ;) shall we cherish it till forever! :)

NEXT STEP >>> Kumpul duit for Hong Kong, Kak Ana kata bawak at least RM10k for shopping... I think I'm gonna try for RM20k.....insyaAllah.....

Pada yg tak sempat trip Hong Kong, its ok..... trip Europe is opening sooooonnnnnn.......jom fight for that one plak!!!!!!

TO ALL OF MY NEW BUSINESS month kita aim JAM TANGAN k!!!! :) And congrats for taking that first step into this business!!!!! Jom kita buat sama2... ;)


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shielawahab said...

aisyah.. akak dah buat blog... yes jom buat sesama... nnt link akak ye..