Monday, March 14, 2011

Stage fright

a.k.a darah gemuruh

I have stage fright dari kecik lagi..ingat lagi masa tadika, I had to do a performance for my taska, baca sajak...I remember I practiced and practiced and practiced in front of ayah so many times and was very sure that I can do it..mmg hafal dah semua dengan gerak geri tangan bagai..

naik stage. tgk org ramai. kaku jap. toleh belakang.

"taknak buat laa..tak ingat.."

wanted to run off the stage, but my teacher gave me a copy of the sajak...tangan menggeletar macam tak hengat...bace jer laa...then turun cepat2...i dont remember crying..but i think i must have cried...ntah...

yes. until now i still have that stage fright..nak naik pentas jer my heart would beat like crazy and my hands would be shaking like I saw a ghost or something...

but that didnt stop me from going on stage. I have always been active performing. dancing. dari sekolah rendah..sampai university..I guess, in a way, I gain more confidence every time I push thru every performance..

kat uni pun, I tried to volunteer to do the presentation every time ade group project...just to challenge myself...and altho hati berdebar, tangan menggeletar n berpeluh...ckp tunggang terbalik...but puas....coz i noticed the more presentation I did, the less nervous I get...and lama2 ckp pun dah lancar jer...

I guess what I am trying to say here....eventho you're scared to do something...dont totally give up...try..and try..and try again....lama2 confirm boleh buat...confirm boleh succeed....jangan terus mengalah...the more you try..the more you fall...the more you learn.... Donald Trump pun ade naik turun...takde sentiasa on top jer....

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

sama laa jugak in business ni...jalan takkan mudahhhhhhh ajer...there will be bumps here and there...tapi kita kene laa kuat...kene laa bangun setiap kali jatuh and teruskan perjuangan kita....jalan nak jadi millionaire tak mudah...klu mudah..semua pun dah jadi jutawan....

think for your you want a better life? for you? for your children? for your family?

if yes, think again, and this time be honest to your self, with the current economy and cost of living, is your earnings enough to provide everything AND save for the future...

some of you might say yes, but there are yang akan ckp what do you do...stay at the same place you are now? selesa dengan apa yg ade?

or try to push and find something better? something that can change your life for good?

Rasulullah pernah bersabda yang bermaksud: “9/10 rezeki itu adalah datang daripada perniagaan.” (Hadis riwayat Tirmizi)

I have made my move. Now i ask, when will u?


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