Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Moms 50++ th birthday (she'll kill me if I gave up her actual age! haha!) , instead of the makan2-cake ritual, I decided to pamper mom and took her to a spa on her birthday.. we went to Jari Spa at Solaris Dutamas and got the couple room - funny to be half naked in a room with ur mom..u think it wouldnt be awkward, was! lol!

Enjoyed the spa - started with a foot scrub - herbal steam bath - body massage - body scrub - body mask - milk bath (yes took a bath in the hot tub with mom! awkward!)

excited to start the spa

foot bath /scrub

herbal steam bath

massage time!!

milk bath :)

mom - after the spa 

segar ~~

our couples room 

lounge area


ginger tea - terbaik!! homemade please!

Jari Spa, Solaris Dutamas

Then we had lunch and went.... KAREOKE!!!! ;)  

aqil pelik tgk the mom menyanyi

with the granma

dedicated to the granson

Aqil pun sing jugak!! ;)

brought my SIL skali - her first time!

mak saya sempoii....

mother-son moment

It was nice taking mom out...and the best part didnt even touch her wallet (which rarely happens eyh mom?!?! ) heeee...... walaupun it was a simple day out - mom was soo happy (kannn makkk??)...and I'm glad I was able to make her happy..she deserves that special treatment after many many years of headaches and sleepless nights raising us.. ;) 

happy birthday mom..May Allah bless you always.. ;)




i3na said...

ala sweetnya u aisyah.. hehe beruntung auntie dapat anak cam u.. hehe.. wish to do the same to my mom

aiesya said...

iena, pun boleh jugakk.. ;)