Saturday, March 12, 2011

nachos dip

made nachos dip last week when hubs friends came over and they have been asking me to blog the recipe (which btw i got from the internet) guys, here's my version of the dip..

first, make the salsa, 

ingredients : chili (lidah melayu kan so i boh cili padi..hee) , tomato, lemon, olive oil, salt & pepper

tumbuk cili & tomato , then masukkan olive oil, perah limau, boh salt & pepper, gaul... 

maka siaplaa salsa..

Untuk dip

ingredients : sour cream, cream cheese, mayonis, cheddar cheese, salsa, spring onion, salt & pepper

gaulkan all ingredients together.. and tadaaaaaaa....siap....

simple jer....

makan ngan nacho chips.....super nyum... ;)


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