Saturday, March 12, 2011

personal touch

one of the responsibility of being a leader is making sure your anak buah be as successful as you are..all this while salha has been doing such a great job on me so now its my turn to be a good leader and make sure my business partner gets what they dream for..insyaAllah... :)

yesterday, had breakfast with business partner, Dina, to set up a strategy for her to start earning that big bucks...with the help of my leader Salha ;)

aiming to bring her to Hong Kong with me...and of course $$$$$$ ....insyaAllah...

So Dina, lets do this together...aisyah percaya Dina boleh because you have so much potential in you... ;) achieve Hong Kong, then we start talking about that 5 figure ok! Semangat ok! insyaAllah...sama2 kita usaha, and berdoa kepadaNya agar dimurahkan rezeki...insyaAllah...

Dina ;) 

the best leader ever, Salha

one of my fav places to have breakfast... ;)

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