Thursday, March 17, 2011

I accept the challenge!

yesterday had a personal touch session with my two sifu's kat Coffee Bean OU...the bagel with cream cheese...scrumptious! hehehe.. tapi yg bestnyer..Hanis n Salha bagi a lot of tips, and motivation, and strategies..and of course TARGETS...

their target for me are

* 5 figure income for next month 
* kluar beemer before raya
* CDM in 2012
* RM1 million savings in 2013 (thats only 2 years ok!)

and the best part is, they showed me the way how to achieve all this, and frankly, as long as I put my mind, heart n soul to it...mmg boleh achieve...insyaAllah.... I accept the challenge my dear leaders!!!!

i seriesly need to learn take pictures..ape ntah mulut cam tgh makan...

anyways, after the morning session, hopped on Salha's brand new beemer ! (giler jakun aku amek2 gambar siap! lol) and went to sponsor kat desa pandan...met my business partner Dina there and our business partner-to-be, Ain, which turned out to be one of my classmates in Uni!!! such a small world no? 

sempat snap pictures! 

paling suka masuk kereta yg bnyk cup holder! :) *sorry laa jakun sket naa...*

cam-whoring is a must! :)

my next car..insyaAllah....

After the sponsoring session, we girls went shopping at KLCC!! Ikut salha masuk Chanel, Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Gucci...and boy....I have never been a fan of designer bags....but now bila sendiri dah pegang and bergaya2 depan cermin.... I-MUST-HAVE-ONE!! or ten...hahahaha...especially the Chanel bag...OMG...cantik giler...I'm officially a fan of designer bags now!!! 

and tried on these Ferragamo flats.....TO-DIE-FOR!!!! cantikkk and comfy giler...this one is definitely going on my wishlist !! ;) but maybe not this one coz Salha already reserved this for her..but hey-bnyk lagi yg comel....cepatlaa bonus masuk bulan depan..cant wait to get my hand on these.....

arent they just cute??

Since I have wearing my flats everywhere, and it doesnt seem to fit with all my attires, and heels makes me cry (seriously-not kidding) boutght these wedges from Charles and Keith...they say its easier to walk in wedges than i hope what they say is true...klu tak...another waste of money...

ade 3 color, was torn between gold and this lagi senang match...but decided on these sbb kale mmg cun habis..vibrant..and...who cares about matchy matchy now days..anything goes right??!! ;)

to those yg interested to know about the business, just text me or drop me an email..i'll just share with you pressure no strings attached..just sharing :)

aisyah - 0192710102


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