Wednesday, March 30, 2011


bohhhhh....berapa hari tak update..alih2...sekali update berpost-post....padahal gambar jer..*tak aci*


anyways, i've been a bit busy lately, working hard for Hong Kong trip.. ;)

alhamdulillah... Qualified ke Hong Kong bulan June ni...tak sabar nak berjalan2 with my friends ;) FOC ok!!!

* trip ke europe!!! FOC babe! if nak..ask me, i'll tell you how... ;) *

anyways.. I have a lot of things that I want to blog about...

- a simple tutorial on how to spice up ur shawl

- show u how i made my skirt since ramai giler yg sms/ym/fb/emailed me about it...

- a few events that I went to...

tapi...asyek tak menyempat ajer....after Hong Kong package tutup ni maybe sempat kot.... :)

till then,



cik siti said...

rajin betul update entry hari ni. :)

aiesya said...

tu laa psal..padahal letak gambar jer penuh.. T__T