Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my own

i super love maxi dresses right now...i have the cotton ones in black, army green, grey and charcoal..i have a couple of chiffons in black..but i'm dying to get them in colors like..

but, demn...they're super expensive...btw, all 3 are from Zara...the middle one rm700++... T____T 

i mean, for a normal day wear? i dont think so...

so what did i do?

made my own.. :)

i wish i had a yellow cardigan for this dress..this grey one just kills the vibrant colors of the dress :(

material : viscose from Jakel (bought more than a year ago)

tutorial : from my own head

time taken to sew the dress : 1 1/2 hour

next project : a maxi skirt :)



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

whoaaaa!!! when u decide to open a boutique, i want to be your business partner!!! hehe! *serious*

anyway, i went to zara *this morning during berpoya2 time* .. everything seems very cheap!! but they aren't! but i ended up with a handbag, a shirt and a leather jacket! *cries*

i love dress to now.. skirts (?!) h&m s cheaper! if u want, ill buy for you :P

aiesya said...

omg omg kaem!!!!!! boleh ker tolong belikan??? yeah..bukak jugak H&M punya website!!! gorgeous pleasee!!!! nnti aku contact ko yeh!!

shera said...


jahit sendiri keee...stressnyeeee

pandai menjahit neh :)

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

hehe! seriously laa babe! just tell me which one u want, then nnt aku beli.. hehe! h&m is like 5 minutes walk from my home.. my old house is in front of h&m! hahah! nasib laa aku tak suke shopping sgt.. huhu! but i seriously love its cotton dress! very feminine :)