Friday, March 4, 2011

diamond night

one of the many many things i love about this business is, not only we work hard (yes..ingat rm10k tu nak dtg bergolek...) , but we also we play hard...and when we play..we play it red carpet style.. ;)

last saturday, there was a red carpet event to celebrate our DSM, DDM and Car Fund achievers (yes, the company PAYS for the car ur using..!! no kidding!) and our dearly beloved CDM Salha received her DDM award that night ..all dolled up in her Ezuan Ismail dress - glamour gituww..

enjoy the pics.. ;)

picture pinjam from blog salha, ;)

the people that instantly connected with in the business, and now i love them to bitsss...

ade lagi, but gmbr dlm my camera cam tak cantik  pulak...hmm....nnti laa update...heee....

with leader CDM Hanis

I went with my cousin..yes..she's in the business too..eventho she has her own delifrance in Solaris, she says, and I quote, " we must always find ways to improve our family's wealth..lagi kita yg still young ni..." .. apepun..having her around..naturally, we had TONS of fun together! ;)

i swear i'm MUCH more taller than her!! she made me take off my shoes..!!!ahh...the things we do for the people we!

deciding on poses

cousins ;)

with the off! 

with my 7 month preggie sister in law.. ;)

bottom line, we are like (if not) family in this business...people with positive energy...we dont go smash each other down knowing if she achieved anything...we support, be happy for her and go back the next day work our butts off so that we could achieve it too!!! theres something for long as  work for it.. ;)

come join our glamorous family.....text/call/email me at

Aisyah - 0192710102


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