Thursday, March 10, 2011

its a group effort

when it comes to this business, being in the right group is crucial...

simple logic : leader berjaya = anak buah mesti boleh berjaya, sbb dah ade bukti yg mmg business ni boleh pergi jauh... but terpulang kat kita nak ikut ker tak...

and mmg I am so grateful that I am in the group I am in..under CDM Salha, she like super kamikaze, the way she does the business, and the beauty of it, she grooms us to be exactly like her...she calls you, meets you, set up your strategy to ensure that you can achieve what you want...insyaAllah...

plus, were like family, we call/bbm each other up, if not about business, about other things, like make-up (ehem ehem iffa, bila nak makeup talk lagi nih..heeee....) or i dunno....stuff....and its nice...having friends that are super positive in life....its so different when you are surrounded by very very positive people...the way you see and think about SO see opportunity every where..and every single challenge that comes to you, you try to solve it the best way u can without whining...or too much complaining..

I say, interested in doing business, but hear too many negative things out there? come join our group...I assure you, you will never regret it....we work hard, we play hard...and we have tons of fun along the way....come join us to Hong Kong this june! ;)

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