Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kebahagiaan ;)

tergerak nak tulis psal ni, sbb bnyk dah sembang ngan orang ( or dengar2 cerita belakang..)..and ramai yg cakap gini..

" duit tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan...."

I used to be someone who said that, merely because  i didnt have a lot of money...and I was too proud to admit that..I used to think that we can always make do with what we have...


i have a lot of friends who comes from rich family, bahagia jer tengok...i see them very close with their parents...with their siblings...because the parents actually have time to spend with their kids...

ade jugak my friends yg dari keluarga sederhana, ade family issues...ramai jer yg tak rapat dengan parents, sbb parents kerja 8-6, malam dah letih nak layan anak...but dont get me wrong...ramai jugak yg bahagia...

so its not fair to say that "duit tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan...."... right??

the fact is ... ade duit ke takde duit ke..BOTH tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan... KEBAHAGIAAN and KASIH SAYANG comes from diri kita sendiri...how we balance everything in life....how we see things in life..

it differs for every person...the priority, the way of thinking..

some may say, bringing their family for oversea vacation is a way for them to rapatkan ikatan family...

but some may say that having simple potluck every other weekend is a way to bond..(ehem ehem...Omarians..next potluck when? heeee...)

and HONESTLY...for me, having money actually makes me happier.. having that financial freedom...not worrying or stressing about money...

people who works on an average salary (read: makan gaji) are lying if they say they arent stress about money langsung...lagi2 ngan taraf hidup skrg kat KL...and yg dah ade family...just because they dont say it out loud, doesnt mean they dont stress about it...and actually lagi bahaya bila kita simpannn jer masalah duit tu, its not healthy..

BUT yang pentingnya...you should not judge and critic people just because they want to be rich...seriously, is it wrong if you have that dream of being rich? having financial freedom? and wants to work towards that??

I want to be rich. I want to have financial freedom. I want to be able to bring my son around the world. I want to be able to send him to the best school in the country, or in the world. I want to be able to buy anything that I want, when ever I want. I want to be able to buy a car, a house for my parents who have sacrificed a lot for me. I want to be able to say "mak ayah retire laa....rest.....g melancong mana2  saya belanja..." .. I want to be able to go on romantic get a ways with my darling hubby whenever I feel like it..

Is that wrong? Is that bad?

Tak ke bahagia mcm tu...??

we are all adults, no need to melulu ckp psal org... You have ur life, I have mine.... takpe if you dont want to be rich, or u feel like ur happy at where u are...then good for you... I am working hard for a better life for MY family...just be happy for me.. :)


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mamasita said...

normal la tu dear..takde org ckp ada pun org ckp..pendek kata suma pun orang cakap..apa2 pun akak tumpang happy kalau u all happy..peace