Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby Daaris

met a reader of mine sbb she was interested in Premium Beautiful...a very2 nice lady...yg mmg jumpa terus ngam....sembang mcm dah kenal lama.. ;) 

shes now in confinement, and just delivered a very cute baby boy... :)

kak zira ;)

baby Daaris :)

it was nice meeting you kak! *waving* ..hehe....hope to meet u again soon! tak sabar nak jahit something for baby Daaris... and thank you for inviting me to your home.. :)

it feels odd, meeting people who reads my blog..coz normally i just merapu jer dalam ni...and lagi2 yg start menjahit because inspired by my tutorials..(but tabik spring laa kak zira first2 trus jahit langsir!! lawa plak tu...heeeee) ..i kinda dunno how to respond when she talks about my blog..heeee..BUT THANKS you guys...for following..and reading..... (ckp mcm ni pun rasa pelik...)


loving the new shawl! 

top : MNG
jeans : Levis SquareCut (rasa dah takde dah kot skrg?)
Shawl : Kiosk kat OU..


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