Tuesday, January 4, 2011

rasa masih berada di ketika itu..tapi sebenarnya sudah dewasa T__T

i miss the times where everything was care-free and easy and no worries ;)

i used to be a very creative kid..(or still am? angkat bakul please!)

i would make robots, flowers..everything...out of papers, egg boxes, or anything I could put my hands on..

i started sewing at 9!

everything was just fun.. ;)

i had a very happy childhood..great parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents.. I hope that one day..I could give the same to my kids, grand-kids, niece and nephews.. ;) insyaAllah... ;)

guess which one is me? yes, yg dok pandang atas tuu.. ;)

raya 1993 i think..

with all the cousins masa Tok Aji & Tok Ajah's nyer anniversairy...kat Kelana Seafood kot masa ni... everyone dapat jam..perasan tak semua org pun pki? ;)

i love my family. so much. ;)


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Anonymous said...

sebijik macam aqil tyme baby tuh.. ish3... ekot mama betol.. huhu