Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 recap


Not much happened in 2010 for me.

Work wise, from doing something so clerical for almost 2 years (nama jer finance tapi hmm..ntah laa..takyah ade degree pun boleh buat kot) , I finally took the courage and get out from my comfort zone, and applied to change teams. Not many know this, but I was given a choice, to transfer into an established team, doing AP, or transfer into a team that still is not stabilized, but do almost full set of account. I chose the latter. just because I didnt want to go into that routine job again, and wanted something challenging. And boy, was it challenging! All the issue logs, the very2 demanding business partner, losing my Team Leader, losing my team mates, changing teammates 2 times in a year, changed my job scope again - which is more challenging than before, getting scolded is still challenging up until today! but I dont know..I kinda love the work tho..I cant lie...I am learning so much! but..hmmm.... ;)

Anyways... tho not many things happened this year, the most significant one, the most memorable one happened this year... I was blessed to have my little angel, Aqil Sidqi ;)

I was never a child-person..sure I was OK with kids, I dont hate them or anything, just that, I can play with them like for an hour then..ok enough... give them back to their parents or something...

But with your own kid..its different...totally different...I never could ever imagined that I could love somebody this much..he's just my everything...

the 1st day after he was born..

jaundice and was admitted for 5 days!
precious! one of my fav pictures!
when he was ready to be discharged
his first day on his own bed ;)
warded for the second time, hubs was away in Kalimantan, and I could stop crying.. 

watching these pictures makes me smile..but he's growing up too fast! He'll soon be 25 and get married! can I freeze him like this forever... T___T

I've learned a lot, being a mom... I think I'm a different person than I was before.. everything I do is for him...that explains the huge step I'm taking this year,2011...i'll blog about it when everything is a done deal.. ;)

So what is my new year's resolution ?

To be a better Muslim to my one and only Allah.

To be a better daughter to my wonderful parents. now that I am a mother myself, I just understand my parents much more now.

To be a better wife to my loving husband. ;)

To be the best mom in the world to my lil Aqil! And to provide the very best for him. Attention, life, education, LOVE.

To be a better person for myself.


Happy New Year all!


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