Sunday, January 9, 2011

Iiamo Go Bottle

when it comes to my kid..i always nak give yg terbaik untuk die... from stroller to toys and right down to the stokins... (or actually alasan mama die nak!)

I never understand before, when I see kids get pampered by the parents..or how much a parent spend for their rase membazir pun ade diorang2 ni...but once I got my own kid...everything changed...

the easiest contoh, masa beli stroller, konon2 niat nak beli yg biasa jer...tak kesah laa kan,,janji boleh duduk...but masa shopping for strollers, letak aqil in all the different strollers, rasa sayu jer hati bila tgk die tak selesa in certain strollers..when actually I could afford beli yg ok....alih2 beli gak yg mahal (but still affordable laa..) sbb suka tgk die selesa dalam stroller i a mother feels..and i understand why mommy always spend spend for her daughter ni.. thanks yer mom! ;)

so anyway, (panjang plak membebel!) , aritu it was time to change aqil punya botol susu, so google2...stumbled across this super cool Iiamo Go Bottle... cool sbb the design...super cool sebab ade cartridge untuk panaskan the milk instantly.. ;) and its organic! ;)

google google google...cari kat malaysia takde jual...blogshops pun tak bnyk yg jual...but luckily jumpa one blog yg amek preorder mase tuh...waiting time ade laa sebulan lebih sket..but nvm..dah minat giler2 punya psal..order kat blog Fiona et Thalia.. n 2 minggu lepas, sampai laa botol idaman mama aqil ni..hehe...met the blog owner kat uptown lama...super nice and cute lady.. ;)

Aqil loved the bottle instantly and so did the mama.. ;)

aqil enjoying his new bottle.. ;)

more on Iiamo Go Bottle, I copy paste from blog Fiona et Thalia ye..


iiamo Go allows you to heat up your baby’s milk in just 4 minutes, whether you are in your car, on the plane, at the cafĂ©, beach, park…with an iiamo feeding bottle, there are no boundaries.
Key Features and Benefits:
· Bisphenol-A (BPA), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), lead and phthalate free.
· Heats up the milk to 37 degrees in 4 minutes without the use of batteries nor electricity – just an organic heating cartridge.
· Heating cartridge contains no chemical – a 100% organic heating cartridge that only contains salt and water.
· iiamo go is tested and approved by Forbrugerlaboratoriet, security group A (the best category).
· iiamo teats have a built-in anti-colic ventilation system.
· Compatible with some other brands' standard size teats.
In The News
· iiamo Go is designed by world renowned Karim Rashid, who is famous for his designs for Prada, Georg Jensen, Audi, Sony, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and many moreRead more about Karim Rashid and his works

iiamo Warm: The Warmer Cartridge

Totally Organic, totally Cool, totally Disposable, totally Lightweight and totally Portable, this cone-shaped cartridge warms the iiamo bottle content in just 4 mins to 37 degrees celcius! Super cool (ahem..."warm") in both looks and function, at a simple twist after fitting into the cartridge chamber in the iiamo bottle, the salt and water content in the warmer simply mixes naturally to release natural heat to warm up the milk. One-time use only, this easily usable and replaceable warmer cartridge comes in a value-pack of 6. Weight of a 6-pack set is 765 grammes.

the colors are cool no?! u understand why mama Aqil suka sgt bottle ni.. ;)

mana nak carik in Malaysia? hmm...tak tau laa pulak.can try google..or ask  Fiona et Thalia if she takes order lagi.. ;)



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

uihhh!! comel giler! even i want one! hehe :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Moms, if you would like to buy iiamo bottles you can add us on Facebook: Bebe Haven or you can email us at We are the sole appointed distributor for iiamo in Malaysia. We are selling the bottle for only RM160.00 and you can still purchase at Fiona et thalia too :)

Wan Sabariah Shuib said...

i pon bminat nak ada 1 perkara bmain dlm otak ni..salt utk panas tu blh guna skali jer ker atau byk kali then br buang sis?

Wan Sabariah Shuib said...

Hai sis..i pon bminat to try this juz nk tnya heating salt tu blh guna sekali or byk kali then br buang?blh share experience cket..tq..-wan-