Sunday, January 9, 2011

playdate ;)

was chatting with elyn friday night...(i was up until 2 am..putting everything in order...this month target and whatnot) and realized that it has been long since we hung out decided to have brunch at Teh Tarik Place at the Curve..the nasi lemak is delish! tapi tak sempat nak amek gambar coz I was so hungry sampai jer melahap cam ape jerkk... was nice..konon2 playdate...but actually it was a playdate for the parents..weird pun ade jugak..just one year ago, lepak ber-6, masing2 tgh with the kids in the picture, it was 9 of us including 3 strollers..huhu...

we had brunch at Teh Tarik Place, shopping at Toys R always comes first now! jalan2 dalam pets world looking at fishes and turtles and cats and dogs and snakesss....then went to popular, spent almost 1 hour there looking at books for our lil munchkins....yes..its all about the kids people.. ;)

i think laa kan..enough writing, more

look at aqil..excited sungguh ye!

rayyan n the father

buhsan laa mama tgk fish,,tgk bende lain pulak...

iman n the father

both thinking...siapa ni?

the boys yg kepenatan...

the hot not so hot..hubby laa ni..amek gmbr tak nyempat nak smile....urghh!! hahaha....

planning nak ke singapore zoo plak with the kids.. ;) insyaAllah..mudah mudahan jadi laa yer.. ;)


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