Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seminar by CDM Hanis

I attended a seminar last Sunday, organize by the respectfully and super gorgeous CDM Hanis , specially organized for her group.

I never joined any business seminar before so I didnt know what to expect...after the seminar ended, there was only one word that could describe it.. HEBAT !!

The topics and TIPS they shared were everything we needed to be exactly like them...the location and seating was great..they food were yummy, the activities and songs were very motivational.. it was perfect...

I made new friends but talked like I've known them for ages! maybe of the same desire to provide the very best for our children....most of them are moms so they truly get what I want from this business... sukaa sangat!! Bak kata Salha, dalam business ni everyone is like family...cant wait to go to Hong Kong with these gurls and have a blast!!!

And the one thing I'm most proud of is, the speakers are all successful women who are earning 5-6 even 7 figure income PER MONTH!!!

speakers : DDM Mai, CDM Kak Ana (RM1.5m!!) , CDM Hanis (RM150k) , DDM Salha (RM40k)

both CDMs with their Alma

the best leader ever!

all 3 are below the age of 30 and already on the track of becoming millionaires! Inspired much?

we'll be rocking Hong Kong together!!

Praying to be like her..insyaAllah...

berdebar2 hati amek gambar ngan millionaire.. ;)

peace out! see you guys in Hong Kong!

If YOU want to be a part of US....come..!!!! give me a call or text me at

aisyah - 0192710102


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