Thursday, January 13, 2011

i know a little bit more about cars thanks to hubs.. ;)

before I was married to my husband. I was not into cars. so naturally, I dont know much about cars..I mean of course I know certain brands like Honda, Toyota..bla bla bla...but not in details...and I definitely didnt have a dream car back then... anything that could take me from point A to point happy enough!

there was this one time, there was a roadshow at OU i think..what brand cannot remember...we were looking at cars...and i went into this one car, and the sales person was talking and explaining this and that...and i went "kecik eyh dalam kereta ni..".. the salesman smiled and said .." compact car.." ...i turned up my head, looked around and guess what... hubby (fiancĂ©e back then) was not around!! cari punya cari...rupa2nya die dah lari..because he was so embarrassed cause according to him I asked a silly question..!! I was suppose to know that was a compact car or what car!!! he was so far away from the roadshow, it took me almost 10 minutes to find him! seriously!!

but after getting married, things changed.. since we spent A LOT of our time in the car..balik kampung laa, pergi balik kerja laa..sangkut dalam jem laa...hubby started to talk about cars around us..he started to ask questions like what type of car is this, is this car nice or not...and I will be.."uhh...".."ah ahh.." until he got annoyed coz I was so acuh tak acuh...i come on laa..its like talking to guys about handbags and shoes and blouses and skirts, no?

but after some time..layan kan aje laa.. so when he ask... 'cantik tak kereta ni?" i will go..." hmmm...cantik.." dengan muka bersungguh2..and he will go..."tak cantiklaa..cuba tgk lampu dia..." alahaiii..tadi tanya pendapat..pastu pangkah plak..there were always something not right, the bumper, the lamps, the spoiler the door..the whatnot...aiyoohhh...its a car for goodness sake! asalkan boleh bergerak and sampai destinasi..ok laa! but then i started to see what he sees... not as teliti as him of course...its always him to highlight the flaw..and i will go..."haa aahhh laaa...apsal bruk benar diorang buat?" .. or something like that..

and i started to notice cars...but somehow i realized i'm more into SUVs..and the one that really caught my eyes [ selain dari BMW X6 >>> mmg gorgeous gile laa kan..tapi harga pun gorgeous jugak laa..rm800k! ] is Lexus RX 450

cantikk kannnnnnn.... ;) so when anyone ask me whats my dreamcar...I would say this white.. ahhhh.....droooolllllll...... ;)

hubs will tease me and say .."elehhh..kereta mak besar sikit pun tak berani nak bawak SUV..."


I finally have a dream car....heeeee.... ^___^

so I'm putting this on my wishlist for 2011...insyaAllah...bak kata leader2 ku yg hebat....letak matlamat depan kita akan usaha untuk kejar matlamat kita... insyaAllah.... ;)

and for my leader, Salha, she's getting her dreamcar pretttyyy soon...

i am ssoooooo happy for her... ;) I hope she'll take me on a ride in her new car! ;) heeee.... ^__^

and the best part is....fully sponsored by the company!! dah laa dapat own your own dream car...FREE plak tu!! its one of the many perks joining this business...

whats ur dream car? think you'll ever own it?

want to know more about the business?

call/text me for an plan, training, everything is provided, all you have to do is listen and follow the leader...easy no?

aisyah - 0192710102


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