Monday, January 17, 2011

saya suka nak jaga badan untuk diri sendiri ;)

back in my Uni-years, I had more boy-friends than girl-friends. (yup till daddy was very concern when my makan2 session will always have more boys than girls). my study/eat/gossip (ok not so much gossip)/hanging out/BBQing geng would basically have 14 boys and 4 girls, me, Elyn, Ayu and Ada..

dont ask me why. I am no picky person. I'll be friends with anyone.. it was just like that. since 2nd sem i think, since I started to realize that I needed to study to get good grades. lol. these guys were the most hardworking boys i have ever met in my life! if they're not at class, they're at the library, if they're not at the library, they're meeting the lecturers...i know..nerd right...but I owe a lot to them, they know why.. ;)

so anyways, one thing I love most when studying with them is,there's not much gossiping.. but what annoys me the most is when someone goes "weyh...awek cun..."

then every single one of them would immediately look at that particular girl until she's out of sight.... sigh.... boys are boys no?

so one day, I had this conversation with one of them

me : kenapakan, ade lelaki, even gf/wife dok sebelah diorang, diorang still usha awek2 yg lalu?

friend : alaa..usha jer..bukan buat ape pun..lelaki kot...

me: ye laa, tapikan dah ade bini, buat pe nak usha? habis ko nnti ade bini...ko usha ke nnti? lelaki pun... klu bini ko usha laki lain? tak ke marah ko?

friend : tulaa..aku penah tanya member aku yg dah kahwin, macam mana kan...aku bukan tau dah pas kahwin nnti mcm mana..

me: habis, member ko ckp ape..

friend : member aku ckp la..taktau laa kan...aku dengar jer...die ckp..klu bini kat rumah pandai jaga badan, and still pki cantik2 untuk suami...bila keluar, mmg takde rase nak usha2 ni...klu tengok pun perempuan, mesti terbayang bini sendiri..

me : hmmmm

and that guy now is my husband... T__T

takdelaa kata klu tak jaga badan ke, tak pki cantik2 untuk hubby, husband cari lain or usha2 awek... tapi ape salahnya jaga badan untuk cik suami...kannnn... ;) but my obsessiveness nak jaga badan is for myself..mmg dari dulu gtu.. so takyah laa judge2 yer.. :) nak sihat, nak cantik, biar niat untuk diri sendiri dan suami terchentaaa.. ;)



afni+hafiz=dani said...

betul tu aisyah..afni pun jaga bdn utk long term + utk suami..lagi2 muda lg nie..

ctzurai said...

100% agree wit ya!

aiesya said...

yes, long term tu...itu yg penting... ;)