Friday, January 28, 2011

this one would definitely get hubs approval!!

EVERYTIME I buy a new pair of shoes..hubs will definitely disapprove..

"ni bukan kasut, ni alas kaki" >>>>>>> Rubi Shoes T__T

"ni bukan kasut, ni penyeksaan" >>>>>> any high heals T____T

and everytime he suggest any shoes it will be a shoe for an 80 year old! T__________________T

i am not joking people!

the other day, went shoe hunting with Roza, tujuan nak beli heels or wedges...but  ended up buying these...

they are super duper duper comfy!! and cheap!! ;) Roza got one in dusty pink...gorgeous! sedih takde my size.. :(

and I know that hubs definitely approves this one..!! ;)

waving frantically to mr hubs whos far away in news from him yet...hope everything is ok..

betul kan abangg... ??



fariha said...

ur hubby sama cam my hubby, asyik suggest kasut org tua.yg herannya, time die beli kasut utk die tau plak nk yg stylo2.huhu

aiesya said...

haha..tau takpe...bila time die..mak aihhhh....stylo habis... :)