Monday, December 27, 2010

why I love PB so much that I'm already getting my 3rd set.

mak aihh..panjang betui title laa..recently people keep asking me ...betul ke PB ni berkesan..ape kesannya pada Aisyah...apsal PB ni mahal sangat..ape bezanya PB ni ngan corset lain...and banyak lagi laa..i'll try to answer as many as I can type today, sbb minggu closing dah start kan..lagi laa year-end ni..nanges T__T...i'll try to write more when I can..but please do keep emailing me if you have any doubts about PB k!

- Ape beza PB ni ngan corset lain?

first and foremost, what people dont realize about PB ni, its not only a beauty product, but its 70% more to a health product. YES. It helps to shape your body. But besides that it helps nak conceive, kecilkan cyst and fibroid, constipation, org yang ade backache pain because of slip disc sbb the 7 memory wire helps support the back bone (certified by American, Canadian and Quebec chiropractic Association lagi ok!!), migrain, irregular period flow and period pain!, sagging breast

i know you would say....allaaaa aisyah ni...tu sumer brochure/text book punya ayat..memang laa boleh cakap...ayat2 nak promote...ok then, tolak tepi sume tu..I talk about my own experience ok...

before I was pregnant :

  • the most obvious / instant change I felt was my period pain...I started to wear PB 2-3 weeks before I got my period, normally before I get my period, I will feel some backache but backache...then I was waiting for the cramps..guess? YES..NO cramps at all...miracle? nope..its PB!
  • I lost 3kg in 3 weeks! takdelaa mendadak...but not bad no? no exercise, no dieting..lagipun losing too much in a short period of time pun unhealthy 3kg in 3 weeks..I was over the moon

  • An instant change at my tummy area, I used to do at least 100-300 situps per day, but after kahwin cam dah malas, so mmg perut naik..but after pki 2 weeks..mmg nampak the difference

  • Angin dalam badan berkurang..angin? what? ever seen people urut keluarkan angin? haa..mcm tu laa I dulu..uurrkk..arrkkk...urrrgghhh...sometimes its embarrassing coz I do in public, tapi sbb dah sakit sgt..terpaksa laa kluarkan angin...but after pki PB, angin mmg berkurang, kurang sikit laa sedawa kuat2 depan org ramai kan.. ;)

  • I got an instant ass!!! laa..seriosly, dulu2 budak2 panggil I budak takde bontot..pki jeans pun tak lawa, but sarung jer PB, my bontot trus "up"..masa tu mmg suka amat2 laa kan...pki seluar nampak laa cantik sikit..haha..

  • i have masalah kata sbb bnyk minum ais..ntah laa..but after 1 week pakai..alhamdulillah...takde dah keputihan tu.. ;)

  • then after 1 1/2 month wearing PB, pregnant laa letak laa tepi dulu the PB

After giving birth
  • I started to wear back my PB set after 3++ weeks after giving birth...itupun lepas my peranakan jatuh sbb TERteran masa membuang.. sakitnya masyaAllah..tak terkata...ingat lagi, i went to the toilet around 11am, then realized masa membuang tu tetibe rasa sakit sgt...pastu berdiri jer mcam rasa ade bende nak terkeluar jer dari "bawah" nak beranak lagi pun ade...I immediately called tukang urut, asked her to urut that evening...after urut sakitnya still sama...pki bengkung tradisional tu pun still the same..sakit nya sampai menanges laa...then baru teringat ade PB...cepat2 sarung PB, and after 2 days...alhamdulillah...sakit tu hilang... :)
  • since masa pantang, masa siang, I mostly took care of myself, sbb parents kerja and hubby plak g outstation kat kalimantan for almost 3 nak ikat2 bengkung tu mmg leceh laa kan...ape lagi..pakai jer PB...rasa kemas, mudah nak pakai, tak terlucut2 mcm pakai bengkung biasa tu AND...cepat gila susut badan kembali ker normal...hubby balik2 jer terkejut tgk i dah slim down back to my normal size.. ;)
  • I am breastfeeding until now! I noticed, whenever I pkai PB (of course they are days I tak pki..especially weekends heehehee..) my milk supply increase, normal boleh pam around 5-6 oz skali pam, but bila pki PB, mmg boleh pam up until one pumping session tau!so when people ask me, what do I do to keep my milk supply banyak...PB yer kawan2...and lots of vege ;) i takde amek any supplement/milk for bf...alhamdulillah.. ;)
  • masa bersalin dulu, I took epidural coz dah 12 hours of labor pain kan..tak tahan sgt..and one of the side effect is backpain! serious punya backpain..i ingat lagi nanges kat hubs sbb ade sekali tu rase sgt2 sakit kat kawasan die cucuk epidural tu...and when I wear PB..instantly hilang!! so whenever sakit tu datang...especially masa masak2 kat rumah, or sidai baju or lipat baju...cepat2 pakai bengkung PB tu..insyaAllah..mmg hilang..
  • stretchmark!!!! my stretchmark masa pregnant...menakutkan!! it was red and covered  almost half of my belly...penah nanges kat hubby..siap boleh ckp..habislaa..tak lawa dah perut i..u mesti tak sayang i..hahaha..serious! sesiapa yg kenal i knows that my tummy area is the one area I am truly2 conscious about! yg lain besar takpe..but buncit! no-cee-reee...never in a million years... now my tummy is stretchmark free (yes! it reduce the strechmark bit by bit..give it 1-2 month to go reduce the blackness-redness) AND buncit free!!! ;) sukaaa!!! ;)

so thats about it for manager dah set meeting sat lagi..adoii.... malas tul....for more info about PB..please dont hesitate to drop a comment or email me or text me at

Aisyah - 019-2710102

ANDDDD sementara masih harga PROMO ni...sila2 lah cepat booking set anda,,,, 3 more days to go!!! ;)

i'll end with a current picture of me wearing my mom's baju kurung modern... ;) FYI, my mom has been wearing PB since 1995!! i kid not! thats why badan maintain jer..;) and she's actually one size smaller than me before me! ;)


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