Monday, January 10, 2011

happy 2011!

i know i know...this post is way overdue...but i have to write about it because i have made this resolution to try blog about everything I've done for 2011..i hope boleh tahan laa update blog everyday.. ;)

I am no party person, thru-out mylife, I celebrated Merdeka, once. New Year, twice. Went to Akedemi Fantasia concert, once. Went to Sure Heboh, once. Went to a gig, once - itupun diheret oleh member. Just for the sake of trying. Wanted to know whats the hype all about..but I dont really like crowded places. So naturally, this years new years eve, I was happily sleeping on my very-very comfy bed, with my kid on my side... :)

Nope. No fireworks. No countdown. Nothing me boring call me old...I dont mind..because me and crowded places..NEVER... owh...except if its a warehouse sales with super cool bargains! then you'll definitely see me there! lol!

On new year, I spent my time with my family (of course) and some close friends...

Was so happy gossiping and eating the delicious asam laksa Tzah made, terlupa nak snap pics kat umah Tok...but I managed to take pictures kat rumah Jaja, one of my uni friends aka business partner who had  a house warming on new year...

with dearest Iman, forgot to take picture with the mother! lol!

aqil enjoying all the toys at Jaja's house..

the husbands..

cam-whoring is a must! rumah jaja cantik giler ok!

and finally with the hostess.. yg middle tu... JAJA, she's my business partner..and a good one too! We are aiming to have half a million saving by year end... and we'll be doing it together2..... niat nak provide the best for our kids..insyaAllah....

care to join us and be one of the many successful businesswomen in Malaysia? Just follow what our leaders are doing and insyaAllah...pasti boleh berjaya!!

Text me at 0192710102 or email

I'll be waitingg...... ;)


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