Thursday, January 13, 2011

sneeze sneeze go away!!!!!

who has hidung second hand aka very bad sinus, when every time masuk kereta, mesti bersin cam tak ingat dunia?? >>>> ME !

who has kids yang kadang kala termuntah/termuak dalam kereta sampai kereta bau masam berhari2? >>>> ME !

who has kids who purposely tumpahkan milk/makanan dalam kereta just for fun? >>> ME !

who sometimes eat in the car and lupa nak buang the wraps until the next morning, and masa tu dah berbau satu kereta takleh nak buat ape? >>>>

who has husband who gets freakishly mad when you innocently, secara betul2 tak sengaja did the above? >>> ME !! T__T

who has boyfriend/fiancée/husband where eventhough he smokes outside but still brings that awful smell into the car and lingers around and makes u dizzy <<< ME ! *sambil menjeling sang suami*

ok..enough get the picture, kesimpulannya, the other day, during class, i was introduced to Bio Zone Car Air Strerilizer.. I immediately bought one for my car..the smell is one thing, the Third Hand Smoke risk is another...

What is Third Hand Smoke?

Its the invisible remains of cigarette smoke that deposit on carpeting, clothing, furniture, and other surfaces are called third-hand smoking.

its dangerous to the people around smokers...even much more to pregnant ladies and BABIES!!

Hubs doesnt smoke when we're around, but I read that the Third Hand Smoke can remain for at least 2 hours after its still a risk right... Hub is trying to quit but I guess its hard...I cant imagine me without my nescafe!  T__T bad.. i know...

mcm mana Bio Zone Car Air Strerilizer membantu?

BIOzone Car Sterilizer applies its proprietary technology including cold plasma that combines ozonization and plasma ion generation to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), which eliminates contaminants and converts back into oxygen. BIOzone Car Sterilizer:

Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tobacco smell, pets and automobile odours

Disinfects biological contaminants (bacteria)

Purify and refresh the air in the car cabin

Benefits of BIOzone Car Sterilizer:
• Safe • Light-weight • Easy-to-use • Environmental friendly • No maintenance required

Direction of use: Insert BIOzone Car Sterilizer into the cigarette lighter socket. The unit is switched on (indicated with glowing LED). Switch on air conditioner to allow effective air purification.

its such a great product, I just had to share it with you guys....I cant really say it eliminates the third hand smoke thing, but at least it sterilize the air in the car right? ade gak usaha to make the air cleaner.. of course its better to stop smoking terus.. ;p

and the beauty of it, its only RM175 !! as long as you dont drop or break can be used for as long as possible... ;)

and another thing, when a business partner told me her husband stop sneezing in the car-readlly bad sinus!!, it got me thinking back...hmm...betull laaa!! i dont sneeze in the car anymore..well, not because of habuk atleast!! SUUUKAAA !!! boleh tak perasan because I was so immune to my sinus...

all the smells from having takeout McD (yes, for some people, bau tu amat makan sedap laa) , bau DURIAN (yuck!), bau ikan, bau masam sbb masukkan payung lepas hujan-->>lembab n masam, bau rokok......and any bau2 yg 5-10 minutes the smell will go awayyyyyy..... ;)

anyways...sesiapa yg interested nak beli...I can surely help buy for you guys.... drop me an email..or text me at


to place your order.. ;)

harga RM175 yer...including postage.. ;)

nak tau lebih lanjut..boleh baca pemplet kat bawah ni....


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