Monday, January 17, 2011

terima seadanya.. ;)

its my birthday today. yeah yeah. i told you before.. attention seeker much T__T

so what I'm doing on my birthday?

Working! (yes...I told you that also...duhh..)

what I didnt tell you..

last night, I was up late, chatting on FB, then at 12.15 am... hubs woke up.. walked towards me (or so I thought..) and smiled at me, and then walked pass, went to the kitchen for some water..and came sit by me then asked..

hubs: sayang buat ape ni tak tido2 lagi....

me: ni haa...reply org yg wish birthday sayang ni....

hubs: owhhh...eyh..happy birthday....

me: *slaps forehead* i love u too... T__T

for some people, maybe merajuk kot...but I guess I know my husband too well nak merajuk... nak kata tak terasa...tak mungkin laa kot...but entah... biasa jer.. I accept him the way he is, as he accepts me the way I am.. :)



afni+hafiz=dani said...

sama la mcm hubby ku..
nak x nak, hav to accept the way he is..hoho

Mrs.Afendi said...

gambar ko ngan ali ni cam adik ko si shikin yang form 3 tu.. cute!

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

Babe, Happy birthday! May Allah bless you always.. and may all your dreams come true.. good health, happy family, and success in whatever you do! xoxo

p/s - Hope you'll get the iPad too! :)