Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breakfast at Delifrance Solaris

I have a new place for me to hang-out on weekends and Public Holidays... ;)

Delifrance Solaris!!!

a cousin of mine just opened this Deli in Dec 2010...when she first told me that she was taking some time off from teaching and was going to open a Deli, like 5 month back..I was nothing but happy for herr!!!

We were very close when we were kids, I would always go over to her house for sleep-overs and we would have these long conversations on the phone planning what we would wear whenever we were going back for Raya or holidays, we would make these very disgusting mixture of cream and powder and perfumes - konon2 it was a special masque to make us beautiful, but of course we were smart enough not to actually put anything on out faces! thank god! we were still close during our Uni years, sharing everything about our friends and boyfriends of course! but once she got married, the I got married, things changed..since both were busy with our life..we keep in touch once in a while but not as often as I wish we would..

anyways, back to the topic...her Deli was suppose to open in Nov but biasalaa kan, construction and all, it finally opened in Dec...I was so busy, I only had the chance to go visit her last week...and the place..?? AWESOME!!!

While waiting for her to settle everything, I managed to squeeze some work in... ;) we chatted for hours..almaklum, dah lama tak jumpa...and I am so impressed and SUPER PROUD of her..she is one of the ONLY two malay owners kat Solaris tu....her journey to open that Deli was not easy but she kept her mind positive and strong and alhamdulillah.... ;)

my two most important gadgets that I cant live without!

breakfast menu - super love the soup and traditional breakfast set! the coffee is superb too!

Her baby (not so baby anymore) , Umar..adorable... "mommy, Umar want sweet please..." .. cute..ckp omputih jer budak ni...but its good, she's sending him to 2 different schools, one for religion, one for brain development.. Selain business, this was the main topic we talked about the most... our kids! its different then and now, then, kids played at parks or bicycles in the evening, but now, its all about this class and that class and FB..mind cousins whos 5 ke 6 ntah dah ade FB! back then, school was for learning and, school is all about exams and getting no 1..ade my cousin menangis sbb UPSR trial tak dapat all A's..UPSR jer kot...but u know...that is the culture now..takleh nak deny..nak masuk Uni pun dah berderet org dapat good grades....

With my beautiful cousin!! ;) sorry muka sememeh jer, kata g untuk breakfast kann... ;)

..and we talked a lot about business...what she's doing...what i'm doing... time has changed..people may not be aware, or in denial.... but the cost of living now is so high, dulu2 anak tadika was only like rm50 per month, nursery pun rm100 paling2...not now, tadika dah mencecah beribu, the smart kids laa, Q-dees laa... nursery, since dah macam2 berlaku, kita nak laa hantar anak nursery yg terjamin sket...and its not cheap! range kat KL is rm400-rm800! crazy...but its true! nursery anak lagi mahal dari installment kereta! haha.. but then, people say, dengan anak takleh berkira, but if we really dont have the money...mcm mana tak berkira? bukan nak berkira, but betul2 tak mampu...but kita nak jugak anak kita setanding anak2 org lain kan...itu tak termasuk bende2 lain lagi...

having a second income is important now days, takleh nak harapkan gaji yang ade...I am blessed to have found this business, and I am thankful that she found hers... ;) tak kesah laa what business we're doing...janji ade USAHA untuk kehidupan yang lebih baik...;)

So dear Kak Yan, I wish you all the best and murah rezeki. May Allah bless you with good health and wealth for you and your family.... love u always!! ;)



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

ya, true... things are so expensive nowadays!! everything needs money.. haihhhh! nway, love the vaio & bb picture!! :)

aiesya said...

kaem, tu laa...sometimes terpaksa hold back nak membeli something yg inportant sbb mahal sgt.. :( love too!! ;)