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Premium Beautiful : Me Me Me

Why I chose Premium Beautiful

why PB?

- because I tried finding time going to the gym, but nope...being a working mother... no time for gym...paying rm150 per month but not going...i dont think so...

- those replacement meals programs...hmm....I am not diciplined enough I guess...and its not cheap ok...maintaining RM600 per month....dah start takkan nak stop plak kan...and until when??

- diet??? HAHAHAHA...gelak besar laa...i try to eat small portions, but hmmm.....ntah..tak jalan I am still breastfeeding aqil so...kenot diet lorh....healthty eating is a different story..itu bukan nak kurus pun harusssss buat....

- jogging? I wanted to do that, jogging at the park pagi2...tapi ade jer activity jadi terbantut hasrat....i miss being all tired and sweating after a morning run.....hmmm

- pki PB ni senang jer...sarung jer...takyah dah buat bende immediately helps you cut ur meal portion into half...coz u cant eat that much wearing the corset..and makes u eat more frequently in small portion...haaa...pernah dengar tak ayat tu??? anybody who tried dieting before mesti tau...makan sikit but kerap...because, everytime u makan, it will boost up ur metabolisme level and tadaaaa....same laa seperti dieting... ;)

- pki PB boleh shape balik badan....klu diet, kene excersice baru dapat shape...yg ni...pki jer PB...shape terus.. ;)

- pki PB untuk kesihatan jugak...ok laa...exercise pun untuk kesihatan jugak...butttttt..pki PB can hilangkan migrain, angin2 dalam badan, period pain...and macam2 lagi...

so apelagi....jom laa pakai PB....its a very good investment untuk kita perempuan ni....dah makin tua, makin turun metabolisme kita, so makin susah nak jaga badan...pki PB boleh bantu kekalkan bentuk badan kita yg masih cantik ni... ;) without pening nak jaga makan or exercise... :) kan best tu.... kita jgn pk skrg jer....think about the future and how you want ur body to be????

i want my body to be exactly like it is now.. ;) and i know i could as long as i have my PB.. ;)

aisyah samsudin


I feel silly, uploading my picture posing in the toilet, but people want to see..betulke perut flat? betulke boleh shapekan, this is the current me, in my PB ofcourse! weight? jgn tanya, i dont know myself, but if you ask me, as long as I could fit in those old jeans and that tshirt..I am happy.. ;)

this is me 8 month pregnant, see those hugeeee thighs?

I dont diet or cut food, because I am still breastfeeding purely PB I tell you.. ;)

Want another secret? besides wearing PB 8 hours a day?

2 weeks back, I started taking Lacto-Lite, not everyday, just twice/thrice a week (setakat ni baru amek 5 sachets-sbb selalu terlupa) , my jeans dah longgar!!! seriesly...I pun very very terkejut, because nak ikutkan mmg I'm very skeptical about slimming products, mmg tak berapa nak percaya, dulu pernah laa try teh2 tu.. tapi mcm tu jugak..yang boleh nak try Lacto-Lite ni pun because asyik habis stok jer...pelik..bagus sgt ke product ni? pastu tgk pulak Kak Ana, dah reduce to half her normal size...terbeliak biji mata ok! So beli jer laa satu kotak...alih2 ok rupanya..takde laa memulas ke ape..and tetibe pki jeans aritu dok tarik tarik...sat sat tarik..sat sat tarik...baru perasan dah longgar jeans tu... sukaaaa ok!!! ;)

sedikit info about Lacto-Lite

Harga : RM150 per box = 25sachets. (boleh tahan almost sebulan yer..murah jer kan..)

*NURICH LACTO-LITE adalah yogurt kultur hidup & inulin menggabungkan kultur hidup dan inulin untuk menjamin kesihatan sistem penghadaman

*NURICH LACTO-LITE sinbiotik yang mengabungkan kedua-dua probiotik dan prebiotik justeri meningkatkan lagi keberkesanan probiotik.

*NURICH LACTO-LITE tidak menyebabkan kekejangan perut mahu pun cirit birit.

Bagaimana NURICH LACTO-LITE dapat membantu anda?** Menyingkirkan toksin badan
** Menggalakkan metabolism
** Mengurangkan beban badan
** Menggalakkan pertumbuhan bakteria baik
** Membantu dalam penghadaman
** Membantu melegakan sembelit
** Membantu sintesis vitamin

GABUNGKAN PB + LACTO-LITE ... voilaaaaa!!! hubby pun makin sayang..... ;) ;) ;) ;)

aisyah samsudin


how did I get from BEFORE to AFTER ????

let me tell you how :)

Premium Beautiful = 8 hours a day (ok maybe I pakai like 12 hours a day coz its comfy..)

read more about Premium Beautiful HERE


Lactolite - 1 sachet per day

read more about Lactolite HERE


10 Kgs in 3 MONTH !!!

not bad huh??

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aisyah samsudin


this is me 7 month pregnant with Aqil 

this is me 7++ month pregnant 2nd child

spot the difference?


the smile is still the same tho! :)

masa first pregnancy dulu, I was eating like nobody's business...the concept "eating for 2" applied eventho my mom always reminded me that I was not eating for 2... "berapa sgt laaa baby kamu tu makan.." 

and the results >> I gained 20kgs thruout my first pregnancy! THAT IS VERY BAD!!

the aftermath >> those kilos are like almost impossible to shed! I did lose a lot masa dalam pantang but I admit I wasnt very disciplined wearing my PB after returning to work ~ so mmg badan naik mcm kene pam coz breastfeeding makes you eat - A LOT! memula gigih nak kecikkan badan ~ pastu bila usaha tak menjadi rasalaa down ~ pastu start laa kata kat diri sendiri ~ takpe laki aku sayang aku walaupun aku dah gemok.. yes - i pernah sampai that stage - I avoided looking at the mirror too long - and started to have low self esteem - tak confident jer rasa 

I cant really remember what made me snapped out of it - but I remember starting to wear my PB more disciplined after that - everyday - the eating part I cant really control coz seriously no joke when I say breastfeeding makes you hungry 24/7!!  but the good thing about PB is it controls your food intake where u eat in small portions but more frequently ~ which is good kan... and I started to loose weight ~ after 3 month I was able to get back to my normal weight which was 56 ~ masatu Aqil was already 1 yo!

this time around, I'm more cautious of what I eat, and how much I eat ~ so alhamdulillah ~ even now 34w pregnant ~ I've only gained around 6-7kgs :) my aim is to not exceed 10kgs! insyaAllah ~ and also this time, knowing that wearing PB with discipline can actually make me loose weight and get back into shape faster (my SIL, ex-colleague and ex-schoolmate has proven this!) ..I'm determine to wear my PB as soon as my body says ok - which I'm aiming on the end of the 1st week of pantang ~ insyaAllah ~ I hope everything goes smoothly and little A inside me comes out healthy..insyaAllah...

and owh, before I finish my post, I would like to say to all the 1st timers preggies out there - when people say "takpe..ko makan untuk 2" - IGNORE them!!! honestly, the pain of shedding the kgs after that is physically and mentally torture! unless you are genetically skinny and small ~ tu lain laa :) I'm talking about average people here :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent


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