Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vietnam Electric blue wave :)

second day in Vietnam was blue day :) honestly, out of the 4 colors, this would be favourite coz the color is so sharp and somehow it makes my face appears thinner than it actually is :) hahaha...

yes we do color coordinate during trips, just because its easier for us to recognize each other (theres a 100 of us on the trip) and it looks nice in pictures plus its super fun! :)

bersiap for blur day - jealous of Aida's skinny figure - she can pull of anything !!!

dalam bus A3 :)

of course with my beautiful partner :)

DDM Dewi and her ever so funny husband..

first destination - Water Puppet Show :)

closest sidelines ever!! HK bersama..Vietnam bersama :)

I have no idea what the heck is this board for.. :)

Team Harimau Malaya at Vietnam :) - dont know if hubs were to wear the jersey?

the water puppet show, it was interesting, but we didnt understand a word they were saying coz it was in Vietnamese .. but nontheless a must see~

Our second destination was the War Museum - this was super interesting - u see i am not a fan of history - at all!! whenever movies about the americans and the vietnam war ade kat TV my dad will go, ahh...menipu jer org amerika ni..and I would not get it..and would not even want to care, but after visiting this museum - wow - balik jer trus google ok!!

with the team i admire and have lots of respect for!!

some of the picture in the museum

after looking at this picture i just had to stop looking,.tak sanggup dowh.. they are innocent children!! hati terus membara...teringat aqil kat rumah...

besar giler tank nihh..

after the museum we went for lunch then headed to Benh Tanh Market (again!) kali ni borong lagi kain - poyo jer ingat nak snap more pictures but biasalaa bila dok ralit shopping kann.....

alih2 trus gambar lepak minum air kelapa after penat shopping :)

malam tu ade heart to heart session ngan CDM Salha :)

and sesi luahan..

muka sememeh was 2 am masa ni... penat tapi lepas tu boleh sambung online kat computer hotel T___T

after 2 days of shopping, 6 baju kurung beaded, 20 purses, 10 begs, 9 psg cotton, bamboo bowls, and lotsss of ole2 yg kecik2... masa ni dh swore nk stop shopping coz mmg dh berat giler beg and rase mcm dh cukup...but of course laa kn...bila dh jumpa kedai tu...huh...

wait for the 3rd day story k...

aisyah samsudin

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