Thursday, April 19, 2012

we are who we are

some might say "apsal laa die ni taksub sgt cari duit..bersederhana kan elok.."

while others may say "tak faham aku org yg cepat rasa senang ni...tgh muda laa nak cari duit banyak2"

then they are people who says "buat pe laa die ni membazir beli brg mahal2..kan ke elok duit tu buat sedekah.."

and these people say "aku dah kerja penat2..reward diri tu perlu.."

but the most i cant stand is when people say... "klu aku jadi die aku akan...bla bla bla..."

the fact is, we are all from different backgrounds..we've been brought up differently in different situations, we dont always share the same values and we definitely dont always think alike..

and guess what people..

its ok..

Allah made us unique in our own way..

we dont have to always agree with each other..we dont always have to like each other..what we do need is to respect each others actions/decisions as long as it doesnt mess with each others life..

be happy for people and people will be happy for you :)

so please dont go.."klu aku jadi die..aku akan..bla bla.."

coz truthfully... we are not in each other shoes but our owns...

only the person will understand what is going on with their individual lifes..not other people..

stop being nosey and be happy :)


aisyah samsudin