Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a HUGE NO from the Ba T__T

Aqil used to be such a sweet boy (and still is at most times) .. sitting in his carseat, well behaved..being mama's little angel..

even when takde carseat coz mama is so lazy to fix the carseat after ba took it out masa nak kemas kereta...he was still the sweet little one..

BUT now, being all grown up - having a mind of his own - mula2 ok dok diam with the seatbelt on, tapi halfway or maybe 15-20 minutes after starting the journey, die dah start nak berdiri, dah start nak bukak radio sendiri, tuka frequency, bukak tutup aircond..... arghhhh T____T

the ONLY way nak bagi die duduk diam is giving him my phone main game..T______________________T then by the time sampai destination. battery dah half gone!!!

last monday, tetibe dapat idea bernas (or so i think).. buy him his own gadget ... the first thing came into my mind was a PSP

would love to get him this one!! (ok mama yg overexcited!!) 

but being a total virgin in the game department, went to the expert - my cousin Syu - apparently, to cut the story short - not suitable for a 2 yo - games too complicated !! well...guess not yet aqil .. (mama kecewa)

cousin Syu and a friend ckp, what about a Nintendo DS?

honestly, the first look at it, mama dont like it ! boleh tak ikut kepala mama T___T ..hehe.. but when I did some research and reading about the nontendo-ds , i think, not so suitable for aqil yet kot .. so another one out of the picture..

I own an ipad (the first version-very ancient) but I use it for my business presentation, so giving him my ipad is just as same as giving him my phone right - i need the battery to last the whole day coz sometimes I dont have time to go back and charge my battery, and please dont suggest me car charger - dah ade 3 - 2 rosak (original ok!) satu lagi hilang mana ntah.. i've given up on buying a new car charger..

so the next thing that came to mind was Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

the reason 7.7 is because the 7 version is heavy!! nak masuk handbag my ipad and the tab - mau patah bahu - but when i googled the price for 7.7 >>> RM1.4k >>> hmm...i bit too much for a toy no? i can say that mama can also use it, but, hmmm..mama dah ade ipad, kan ker membazir tuh...i love my ipad sbb besar, so its better for business purpose compared to the tab..so having something that serves almost the same function...?? nolaa kot..

and then tetibe .... *tingggggg* .. omg!! why didnt I think about this earlier??? an i-touch!!!

its small - its light - once jail braking it can download all the games for FREE!! and it doesnt cost a bomb!! trus p website apple and guess what I saw???

a white i-touch!!!!!!! *heart melts* 

and its cheaper than before, I remember mom buying it for RM789 for the 8g last time (which is now my sisters) , but now its only RM699!! plus klu order online boleh free engraving (already thinking of what should I have on the back) --  ALMOST put in an order there and then...

tapi decided to hold first and let aqil try Acu (my sister) nyer i-touch

of course he LOVED it! which little kid wouldnt? right?

BUT when I pitched my idea to mr hubs, he simply said NO - ok let me rephrase that.... hubs gave me an are-you-out-of-your-mind look and gave me a HUGE NO!!

no spoiling his kid he said T_____T

there goes all my research flushed down the toilet...

*the sound of mama's heart crying*

haha..no laa...i see his point, I guess in a way, mmg laa nampak mcm spoil anak...getting him such an expensive toy at an early age..but theres also education and learning apps that can be downloaded - as long as we parents monitor the usage, should be ok kann....

sesi memujuk dan membentangkan kes bermula *rolling up sleeves*

lets see how this ends :)

aisyah samsudin

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Cik Suriz said...

samalah, kte pon x setuju. wuuu~