Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and we said goodbye to Vietnam :)

everything that begins must come to an end :) 

so it was day 4 aka the last day in Vietnam... we had breakfast , checked out , loaded the bus with all of our begs (i swear you guys will get a heart attack klu tgk how our beg beranak on the last day, yg datang dengan 1 beg, alih2 jadi 3 beg *red face*) , sampai tak muat nak letak all our begs dalam bus - no kidding!! and despite all that - WE WENT SHOPPING - AGAIN !!! mmg vietnam ni tempat shoppingggg jer...T__T

but this time we went to a different place plak..

An Dong Market

this place is more to tempat borong, like bags and kasuts and accessories and stuff...but i also found that this place quality kain die, esp for cotton linen is better than Benh Tanh, macam nak menangis tgk all the cotton linen kat ctu and how damn crazy cheap they were... if not because I've spent all my money and they didnt except RMs (only USD and Dong) there, terpaksa laaa beli sikit jer (tp beli jugak kann) seriously, im not kidding when I say its cheap...

cotton linen for aqil :) only bought 5 (dalam hati menangis nak beli lagi) cuba teka brp rm per meter??? cubalaaa tekaa!! RM7 !!!!! i am not lying !!! GILERRRRR murahhhh!!!! tau kat malaysia berapa?? paling murah rm50!!! aritu beli untuk aqil kat jakel RM98 per meter - itu pun after discount!!!!! now tell me mcm mana tak nanges T__T

anyways, since i've finished up all mu dongs and USDs...maka itu jer laa yg dapat shopping (sumpah menyesal tak save sket for the last day) - untuk kill time. kitorang bnyk posing2 n lepak2 jer :)

Kak Ija and Kak Aween of the Eagles

dalam An Dong market - kain more quality than Benh Tanh - tapi kat sini boleh tawar up to 20% jer, and kat sini mostly tak boleh ckp english so susah sket nak communicate..BM mmg takyah ckp laa..mmg tak reti for $$ plak, they only accept USD and Dong, no RMs here T__T

Aida and Dewi :)

An Dong market - tempat borong di vietnam

sementara tunggu bus datang kitorang lepak cafe ni nak minum the oh so famous vietnam coffee..and when we got our order - what we got was like the above picture...literally!!! satu cup penuh ais and air kopinya 1/5 of the cawan!!!! apparently, to drink it we had to wait for the  ice to melt....crazy people these Vietnamese...all thirsty and hot, we ordered air mineral tuang dalam cawan...puas!!!! hahahaahaha....seriously man...siapa nak tunggu bila tgh haus kaannnnn!!!

Kak Lily - i ADORE this lady...honestly, i wish i could spend one day listening to her talk about everything...she used to be someone important in one of malaysias leading company kat KL... but yet shes so full of knowledge and...senang citer she's definitely my idol in this business!! :) 

unloading our begs - mmg chaotic giler..

with our tour guide :)

pose :)

showing our appreciation after 4 days - she's a great tour guide i tell you :)

beg sifuku Salha

Bye Vietnam !! till we meet again :)

aisyah samsudin

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