Sunday, April 22, 2012

The night we all glam-ed up!!!

Last Saturday started with me being super stressed (no hijab, shoes) , I woke up early and started to glam-up my dress (a bit) coz I just had the inspiration after subuh...siap jer trus bersiap p kenduri at Ampang, then went to Jalan TAR (yes on a Saturday!!! crazyy!!!) coz I didnt have a hijab to wear, the theme for us yg naik pentas is black and gold, but I ended up a shawl close to Mustard Yellow coz hubs loved the color and he was paying for it :) went to selayang Mall after dat looking for shoes (crazzy last minute but I had to find flats sbb I knew it would be a longggg night) and some false lashies... :) sampai rumah went to my neighbor's coz her baby just came back from the hospital and I just had to take a peek at the little angel (shes adooraablee!!) then trus bersiap kluar ke MIECC - fuuuhhhhhhh...tulis tu pun dah menjela dan memenatkan...bayangkan I went thru all that !!

But, despite everything happened before the was superb!! I loved loved loved the event and of course the company I had for the night!!

jom layan gambar dulu :)

OTW to MIECC, no make up on.. 

with my team :)

gossip gossip...berbaldi malam tuhh!!

last minute ajak mamat nih coz I had an extra ticket..sajer bawak die untuk teman ali :)

cant wait for the picture from Jie's photographer :)

no commmennttt???

thats the part I glammed up myself :)

tunggu nak naik pentas, macam convo plakk...

award for the night - Diomand Sales Manager :)

gossiping with Ismalina and Jie on the stage sbb lama giler berdiri atas pentas T__T

no need introduction anymore - My Idol :)

kak Lily and Iffa, a good friend in the business - my go to girl when it comes to makeup-handbags-clothes and scarfs :)

I did my own makeup :)

Diamond Diva with our ever so gorgeous CDM Salha

My Mentor in the business, CDM Salha Zain - she was wearing Rizalman that night - simply gorgeous!! loved her makeup too!! :)

my bestie from college - he made it more fun with his theories and remarks!!

next top CDMs :)

of course with she that I love :)

pose sebelum balik :)

with my love, my backbone, my everything :) thanks hubs for always supporting me!!

6 month pregnant :)

walaupun I was super tired after running here and there in the day, my legs were aching standing up for soo long waiting for my turn to get on stage, my body was screaaaminggg for me to rest...I had a great time with my friends and business partners coz honestly... bila lagi nak seronok2 macam ni..

we did at times look ridiculous and overly gedik - but who cares!! yg penting we enjoyed ourselves, these are the only times we could forget of being a mother and wife for a night and let loose... sure having your own family is the biggest blessing Allah could ever give you, BUT at times, you do need time for you, to be crazy, to have fun, to glam up (not always in kain batik n tshirts) .. life needs balance, and in this business I found mine :)


our group is growing and shining even more brighter than before...come join us in this Premium Beautiful business and experience it yourself :)

call me text me beep me k

aisyah - 019-2710102

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aisyah samsudin


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