Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vietnam day 3 : orange juice and Gala Dinner :)

hello hello...ok so I've posted about day 1 and day 2 in vietnam, now comes  day 3 :)


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so day 3, we wore orange, yessss...OREN!!! first when i heard we were told to wear orange, I went like whatttttt??? but on the real day, well it wasnt so bad, luckily i had the orange/peachy top and the tudung already, so pakai jer laa kan...

I didnt get to snap a lot of pictures on day 3 coz my bat went dead on me, and i totally forgot to charge it the night before, so, most of the pictures I curik2 from org lain punya fb :)

3rd day we were forced to wake up and had early breakfast coz our first destination of the day was CuChi Tunnel.. (pronounce Go-Ji not Cuci ok!) , I am not big on history, but this place really caught my attention..why? coz its an underground village made by during the war and its 2 kilometers per segi!! giler kan..!! I wish i had the kerajinan untuk google more and write more about the history and how they made it and how they used it and all..but let the picture do the talking lah yer :)

all orange, not so bad huh??

dalam lif harus cam-whore jap!

demo nak masuk the underground village!

giler banyk senjata k!

one of the spots where the americans jatuhkan random bomb sbb nak rosakkan the underground tunnel..

by alfath : one of my fav pictures :)

tunggu nak masuk :)

entrance tunnel...ukuran 30x15 CM !!! panjang pembaris panjang, lebar pembaris pendek!!

one of the traps..

there were tunnels yg boleh tourist try, 10,20 and 100 meters, but i didnt go in sbb pregnant...they said it was really sempit and super dark in there (itupun dah dibesarkan untuk fitkan tourist yg badan besar2) ...

then we went to re-something palace...basically its a palace yg dah tak guna, adelaaa bilik meeting laa, bilik makan laa...i was already in pure pain masa tu (bnyk sgt berjalan n it was super hot!!) so mcm takleh nak focus sgt on what the tour guide was saying...gambar pun ade satu jer..

muka penat :)

after that balik hotel, lunch and berehat and solat, then we went back to Benh Tanh sbb ade yg tak dapat baju yg diorang tempah lagi - i beli siap jer sbb malas nak tempah...i dont think id be wearing the baju dah lepas whatever... and the night of the dinner gala...

bersiap :)

roomate :)

kami sume p single mingle :)

dengan leader ku :)

dengan my bestie dalam bisnes :)

green team :)

stay tuned for last day :)

aisyah samsudin

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