Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY : bling up ur boring old case

so i cannot sleep coz Ive been going to the loo for a million time already (exaggerating much?) heee..taktau laa salah makan ape siang tadi but now my ass is in pain for all the toilet time I've been taking - hmmm... wayyyy to much information aisyah!!!

anyhoooo...since lil sis was using the lappy and I couldnt go online, i decided to take that time to bling up my hp case that is 5 month old i think? tapi yg penting dah kusam and boringgg..into something more fun..

and this is how i did it, its so super duper easy you guys will cry seeing how easy it is..enjoy!

so i bought this sticker sheet kat kedai siang tadi..yes, sambil berbisnes sambil shopping :) price? rm4.90 per sheet :) cheeepoooo!!!

then I cut a piece from the sheet according to my existing case size (i swear tho it looks pretty in the picture, casing tu dah menguning and kusam T__T)

then I peeled the sticky skin of its paper thingy and stuck it on my old casing..

i took a 20 sen pisau lipat and started to kemaskn all the sides and tebuk all the lubang needed..:)

tgk macam boringg jer lepas dah siap tampal, took out my bling kit...with some glue in hand, i started blingingggg!! (is that even a word???) - you can totally skip this part if you want :)

voilaa!!! my new casing (shud have taken a picture of the old one..hmmm) 

2 hearts black n white :)


ps: anyone wants to get themselves Premium Beautiful set, call me okehh!! 0192710102 - save rm600 before 7th May 2012!! thanks lovesss :)

aisyah samsudin

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