Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my FREE trip to Vietnam - Day 1

assalamualaikum All..  :) its been a while since my last post..i've been quite busy with stuff and didnt really had the time to sit down and blog..and this post im writing is waaayyy overdue coz, this trip I went to was last month..hahaha...baru ade masa nak buat post... actually, dah a few times dah duduk depan pc nak blog about my trip to vietnam, but nak upload gambar using streamyx..masyaAllah...sakit jiwa, now my mom just installed Unifi, and I'm staying at her place for a while, (with her broken wrist and all) ameklaa kesempatan memaximumkan penggunaan unifi nya ~~

i think by now everyone knows that Im doing Premium Beautiful business and one of the perks you get is going on free trips 3 times a year, Vietnam is the first trip this year (will be followed by Guangzhou in July and the other one is yet to be announced-heard its london!!) and I was one of the qualifiers yg dapat pergi Vietnam..alhamdululillah... :)

OK..dah membebel panjang sgt dah ni..lets jump to the pictures..

my partner in crime masa kat Vietnam :) 

hubs didnt get to go coz he couldnt get leave, so went there solo so roomate pun dengan gadis yg solo (but unavailable) hehe..we had to gather at KLIA at 10am, so pepagi tu hubs hantar ke KL central and met Aida there, naik ERL sembang ngan mamat ni, he had so much to say about the development laa, politics laa, he was heading to london for a 3 days conference ke ape..he was dressed so simple...alih2 bagi business card, dato' rupanya.. :) 

green wave masa kat KLIA, please know that this time around I dont really have a lot of my pictures macam kat HK dulu since hubs tak ikut, maka takde org nak amek my picture, harapkan camera org lain jer, my camera bnyk gambar org lain...anyways, group kat atas ni, is the top management group...if you knwe their backgrouds, and their individual salary, hmm..u'll wonder why they joined this business in the first place :)

waiting for the rest sebelum nak masuk boarding area, me and Aida sepantas kilat coz malas nak beratur masa imigresen and all.. :)

the food on the flight - rupanya Vietnam ni dekat jer (ok-i know my geografi is so bad) - sbb the flight is only one and a half hour - pergi sabah pun 3 jam flight! hmm..anyways..the food was so-so , or maybe i wasnt feeling very good atas flight, so mcm tak berapa nak lalu makan :)

arriving at Vietnam Airport - the airport kecik jer but very cantik and kemas :) 

with my roommate, shopping mate, and gossip mate thruout the 4 days in vietnam :)

had to take this picture! sometimes i miss DHL, but thinking back about the stress level when i was there...takpelaa.. T__T

greeted with lime punch, sedappp weyhh... :)

our room number :) this floor we noticed were for all the single ladies.. :)

our room at Equatorial Hotel in Vietnam...

spacious, clean, mmg taraf 5 star,the room price i heard was about USD200-300, boleh tahan kan??

our first destination on the first day (and only) was Benh Tanh market, we were suppose to go to the post office and some other place, but all of us wanted to tempah vietnam suits for our grand dinner, so the tourist guide gave in and took us straight to Benh Tanh Market, this place, I tell you is HEAVEN for a fabric lover like me!!! its damn cheap and the choices are like crazy banyakk...

you could get 4 meter of cotton satin for only USD 10 = RM30 !!! giler kan.... the first day i bought like 3 pieces kot, tu pun menahan diri coz i knew we had another 3 days to shop...vietnam silk dapat around USD13 for 4 meters, lawa2 but i didnt buy any - balik mmg nyesal giler kot!

then we went for dinner at DNyonya, a halal restaurant 10 minutes from Bent Tanh Market,..

the food were superb, melantak mcm ape jer...

we headed to the night market after that (no pictures sbb busy shopping..sorry T__T) ..basically the night market ni barang2 from Benh Tanh market diorng bawak kluar n jual kat luar, i think the price a bit cheaper than if you beli kat dalam the market, i bought the beaded baju kurung for USD18 only, bought like 6 pasang tak silap malam tu, the other like all the ole2...murah jugak..fridge magnets and keychains...tak ingat berapa but i remember paying in RM coz its cheaper, kat night market ni, boleh tawar up to 50-60%, sometimes its cheaper to pay in dong, sometimes its cheaper to pay in RM, tapi brg kecik2 ni jgn pay in USD..rugi :)

malam tu balik melepek..penat giler shopping T__T..

stay tuned for 2nd day in Vietnam k.. :)

aisyah samsudin 

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